Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tata harper nourishing oil cleanser

I'm a big fan of double cleansing, some people view it as a waste of time, or a fad or unnecessary and maybe in some people's cases this will apply but in mine it's an essential part of my routine.  My evening routine normally now consists of an oil type cleanser and a normal light cleanser.  The oil cleanser I've been using is from Tata Harper and is her nourishing oil cleanser.  Now firstly you can use it in two ways:) if you want to remove makeup saturate a cotton pad and gently apply around the eye area and wherever else you have your makeup, this will help to remove makeup and lift impurities.
Secondly to cleanse apply the oil cleanser to a dry face, leave it for a bit and then lightly splash with water, massage into skin to really cleanse the skin and rinse thoroughly.

As I wear a lot of makeup I prefer the second method to use, it just works for me, as the oil helps melt the makeup off my face and not only that I like the clean feeling I have once I've used it.  You may be reading this thinking who is Tata Harper and I didn't know until I did a bit of research, basically Tatas step father was diagnosed with skin cancer and she decided to create a line of non toxic, natural products, she lives in Vermont so surroundings and ingredients don't get much more natural than that really, and out came her skincare line.  The only thing I'm not to keen on is the glass like bottle as it's totally impractical for travelling as one drop and that oil is all over your stuff, however that's not the end of the world really, I love having it in my bathroom, it's easy to use with a handy pump and I really recommend it, after all a Caroline Hirons swears by it you don't need much more of a recommendation really.

Laura x

Saturday, 19 September 2015

How to save your hair after bleaching

Ok so after switching my hair from a vivid bright copper auburn colour to a gold, but yet not happy with that and wanting to go lighter, I reached for the bleach to take my hair up a bit lighter, I can hear all the alarm bells ringing waaaaa your hair, well in my case luckily its short, or else I could imagine having to have inches cut off already, but nether the less long or short once you have chemically treated your hair you really have to look after it when your finished.

So after tons of searching for a product I haven't used before I finally decided on a brand I've never used or tried before and I chose Joico and the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for damaged hair.

This product is described as an award winning intensive protein Reconstructor to improve and rebuild the hair.   Now I've read it's best to use this product once a week and once you have improved your hair you obviously can switch the products, too much protein in your hair can be a total recipe for disaster as can not enough, and if your hair is just slightly dry I wouldn't bother, this is for hair that really needs help or like mine which is literally crying.
The smell is amazing I can't really describe it but lets just say it reminds me of how your hair smells when you walk out the hair salon if you get my idea, the product is thick but easy to spread through the hair and once washed out leaves your hair feeling amazing, even if your hair is brittle dry and generally feels like crap this stuff will really help and you need it.  I'm glad I've tried this and I think my hair has to, I'm now going to have a little peek into other products in their line as well as I've noticed a purple shampoo, as much as I like having my hair blonder I'm not keen on the brassy tones you are sometimes left with so I'm going to check this out.

Laura x

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kukui oil shampoo and conditioner by OGX

I first set my eyes on OGX products a good few months ago while wandering up and down the aisles repeatedly for about half an hour and I think that day I bought the ones with Argan Oil in, it didn't last particularly long in my house as it went down really well, but the one I wanted really was the Kukui Oil one literally raved about ages ago by Caroline Hirons I did think after that recommendation that this one had to be good.  This one proved a lot harder to track down then any other of their formulations, didn't have it in my local Waitrose and my local superdrug didn't either, anyway without boring you I found it in Cardiff and to top it off it was part of a 3 for 2 so I was well happy.

The Kukui Oil comes from the Hawaiian Kakui Nut Tree so that's the history and is extremely good for your hair, essentially better if you struggle with flyaway uneasy to tame hair then this will be your bag.

The formulation is quite thick and creamy you do not need a large amount at all, so I would think right I need loads of this because I have thick hair or long hair you don't, in this case less is definitely more.  I myself have short hair so I use a tiny amount, I get a really creamy lather, and as much as it lathers up well it's at the same time easy to rinse out and doesn't feel like it's all built up in your hair.  The smell is amazing it's not too over pouring or strong the only way I can describe it is really pleasant and literally clean smelling.  Or for a more descriptive imagine with your eyes closed you were in Hawaii and the sun is blazing down and your walking with sand between your toes and your feeling all tropically hope that helps.  But I can really understand the hype I guessed this would be my favorite blend and I wasn't wrong it's literally gorgeous.

Laura x

Monday, 7 September 2015

5 minute makeup challenge

Hey guys sorry I've been out a bit absent for a while, I've been really needing some valuable family time plus I've been on holiday.   I've got three children and they have been busy with activities more than ever and they have really needed me lately and obviously they come first.  Anyway with all that aside I have got a tan on my face so guess my makeup challenge is easier as I'm skipping foundation he he so here's what I used.

I think it's much quicker to do makeup when your not doing a base but unless I have a tan I'm too scared to skip the base, so I used Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst all over the bottom of my lid up to the crease, this colour is so pretty and the stick is so easy to use and apply, a slick of Rimmel  Wonderfull Mascara enriched with Argan Oil, a little slick of BD by Tesco highlighter I did have to mix this with a darker one as I have a tan.  Complete with a lick of my Chanel lipgloss and I felt confident to go out.  I did it in less than 5 minutes to, just disappointed once the tan has gone it will probably take me twenty minutes ha ha.

Can you do your makeup routine in quick time?

Laura x