Saturday, 19 September 2015

How to save your hair after bleaching

Ok so after switching my hair from a vivid bright copper auburn colour to a gold, but yet not happy with that and wanting to go lighter, I reached for the bleach to take my hair up a bit lighter, I can hear all the alarm bells ringing waaaaa your hair, well in my case luckily its short, or else I could imagine having to have inches cut off already, but nether the less long or short once you have chemically treated your hair you really have to look after it when your finished.

So after tons of searching for a product I haven't used before I finally decided on a brand I've never used or tried before and I chose Joico and the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for damaged hair.

This product is described as an award winning intensive protein Reconstructor to improve and rebuild the hair.   Now I've read it's best to use this product once a week and once you have improved your hair you obviously can switch the products, too much protein in your hair can be a total recipe for disaster as can not enough, and if your hair is just slightly dry I wouldn't bother, this is for hair that really needs help or like mine which is literally crying.
The smell is amazing I can't really describe it but lets just say it reminds me of how your hair smells when you walk out the hair salon if you get my idea, the product is thick but easy to spread through the hair and once washed out leaves your hair feeling amazing, even if your hair is brittle dry and generally feels like crap this stuff will really help and you need it.  I'm glad I've tried this and I think my hair has to, I'm now going to have a little peek into other products in their line as well as I've noticed a purple shampoo, as much as I like having my hair blonder I'm not keen on the brassy tones you are sometimes left with so I'm going to check this out.

Laura x