Sunday, 25 October 2015

Remove the brass with Naissant Blonde Pearl Shampoo and Treatment

Anyone who has highlights or dyes their hair full on blonde like I do knows how amazing the colour looks after you come out the salon or you do it yourself, but what happens after time and that dreaded dirty or yellow colour creeps through what do you do then?

There are tons of shampoos and conditioning treatments on the market and it can look like a massive minefield, where do you start and more importantly what do you buy.  So it was after me reading some fellow blogger posts I read that Naissant a brand I had never heard of before had a shampoo and conditioner out that helped with toning so I ordered the shampoo and conditioner both from Amazon.

They arrived pretty quickly and from the picture you can see they are not traditionally bottled shaped, inside the product is a deep blue violet hue don't be scared, it doesn't stain your hands. The product description on the bottle reads

Keep the colour until the next dye

Contains provitamin B5 olive oil, honey vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Specially for lighter shades and champagne blondes.

What I did first was washed my hair with my Redken Blonde Shampoo rinsed out and then towelled my hair very lightly and applied the treatment first to see how this would work, almost straight away you can see your hair changing and almost greying, the bottle says to leave in between 5 to 10 minutes, I chose 5 minutes for the first time as I was a little bit scared. Now one side of my hair must be more porous than the other, I have no idea why it takes colour quicker than the other but I applied the toning treatment to that side first. After 5 minutes I rinsed out well, and then I applied a tiny bit of a leave in conditioner from another brand.  I have to be fair this worked amazing my hair was really bright and had quite a lot of gross yellow tones in, this was toned right down and my hair now looks a more natural cooler blonde.  If you like your hair more golden toned this will not be for you as you definitely get a cool tone coming through.  I really like this and is perfect for getting rid of the brass,

Laura x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Competition time design wellies for Joules and win

Who doesn't like competitions I do, and even better ones you could actually win something cool.  All you have to do is design some Joules wellies not to difficult eh.

You could win:-

Win a luxury break worth £5,000

3 nights in a golden oak treehouse cabin plus lots more

10 runners-up will each receive a £250 Joules gift card,

The winning welly  design will go on sale at

All you have to do is submit a design and enter the competition here -

All proceeds from the sale of the limited edition winning welly will be donated to our charity partners via CHARITABLY JOULES.

Good luck

Laura x

*this is not a sponsored post although I may be entered to win a gift card for myself

Monday, 19 October 2015

Three days in New York City

As I'm writing I feel very tired but defo not moaning as had the best couple of days ever in NYC.
I went with my little sister Kelly and we had so much fun.  We had laughs good times and memories I'm sure neither of us will ever forget.
We stayed in the Cassa which is a little boutique style hotel situated in Midtown New York, perfectly situated for the things we wanted to do and minutes away from Times Square.  The hotel was lovely and the staff so friendly not that we were there much but whilst we were there they made us feel so welcome.
If you have never been before my only advice would be don't bother with high heels as you won't wear them, take comfy clothes and plenty of money, although unless you are shopping you can do it cheaply if you want to.

If you are worried about it being a major city and being attacked by gangs etc don't be,  there are people everywhere, and around the typical tourist attractions there is a visible police NYPD presence, ps they look amazing in their uniforms.  Obviously there are quite a few homes less people around, keep your bags safe and don't give anyone money or change if they ask.

If you asked me my highlight probably too many to list but after seeing the twin towers years ago and obviously the after effects now, I found ground zero very moving and we did the 9/11 new museum which again was very moving and gave a very big insight into that day and how NY has recovered after that awful day.  Shopping wise you will be so hard pushed into not getting a bargain or even into not buying anything. Macy's was our favourite as a visitor you get 10% off goods but they have sales galore to which was at 25% whilst we were there.  We also went over to Nike Town which Is a huge store dedicated to all things Nike again you will be hard pushed to not buy anything.  
If you are thinking of going don't think!!!! Book and go.

Laura x

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Why I find Caroline Hiron's so inspiring.

I have always been a huge fan of Caroline Hiron's for a huge list of reasons, obviously her knowledge of skincare, beauty and all speaks for itself, I genuinely look to her posts for inspiration when my own  skin needs a boost and even some times when I feel a bit miserable just seeing her posts on Instagram lift my mood straight away.  Now please don't read this and think it's a lick arse post blah blah it's not, the reason for it is off the back of reading her latest post about "the importance of having an opinion, and voicing it.  And I urge you if you haven't read it to read it.

Years ago I never would have voiced an opinion I was far too scared to, if someone asked me a simple question like even "what's your name" my head would hit the floor I would go bright red and a whisper would come out .... I think then I was scared of everything everyone inc my own shadow.  I simply would have done most things in order for someone to like me even saying I liked something even if I didn't.  It's taken me a while to change in fact now I'm in my forties I feel so much more empowered.  Blogging is definitely harder to do when your older there's no doubting that, and I feel that there is more scope for younger girls and boys, but that being said there a lot of older respected bloggers doing well and enjoying what they do.

When it comes to writing posts I do try and be as honest as I can, I have had some really exciting emails in the past from PR's saying how refreshing it was to read honest posts, I do have opinions about things but I post mine in a way that's not insulting to anyone or anything but I try to do it still so it remains refreshing and not run of the mill sugar coated in glitter and fairies if you get my meaning.   It's really hard as I mentioned to be honest especially if your younger as I said about myself in the past, now in my own line of employment I do speak up quite a lot more in meetings and I think it's important to do so.  Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion but as a person you have the right to voice it.

This is why in my couple of years of blogging and I've been noticed in that short time huge changes, I have noticed that the community has moved away slightly from the supportiveness that was there before and I would love to see that back, blogging is a huge voice and I look to blogs to read about products and fashion way before I would pick up a this is why the blogging community needs to regroup and remember support and say how you feel, if you don't like the latest fashion or eyeliner trend you don't have to, just because everyone else does you don't have to.  I hate culottes with a passion probably because I had them the first time around, so I wouldn't wear them or buy them, I wouldn't buy them because they are the thing of the moment or because my friends have them.  I was actually chuffed the other day in work we had a dress down day (we could wear what we want day) and my colleagues said they really liked my style as I dress for me and what I like.  That was refreshing for me as I think I used to dress how I thought everyone else should.

So back to why I admire Mrs Hirons because she's got a wicked sense of humour that comes across, she's real and seems very grounded. I could imagine a night out with her would be hilarious but your head would be killing for ages after,
But the fact she speaks her mind and with her raised eyebrow I to would love people to gain the strength to be original to.

Laura xx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

What do you do when you have your haircut and don't like it

Anyone who reads my posts will know since I've started blogging how often I change my hair colour and style, and also everyone around me knows I have issues with it and if there was a clinic I could go to, to help I would be there ha ha. Anyway with all this in mind I wanted to go shorter and off I went to the hairdresser.  Armed with ideas and pictures as usual and here is what I ended up with.  Now looking at my smiling face you would think I was happy and I was until I woke up this morning and I don't like it.

Now this is the quiff version of it so I can wear it flat or funky, but I just feel like I look minging.  And I've cried all morning.  I am glad that when it comes to hair that I am brave and not boring but I do wish I could just settle with something.  I know that it will grow in time but right now I'm a bit sad.  Not to say it's not been cut amazing it really has and my hairdresser is fab it's just me and my hair issues.

Is anyone else like this?

Laura xx

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The autumn edit

The autumn edit

High rise jeans

Oasis equestrian boots

Michael kors tote bag
£195 -

Ted Baker felt hat
£56 -

How To Keep Your Relationship Alive

How To Keep The Spark Alive After Years Of Relationship

When two people have been in a relationship for very long, especially those who share a home and children, it may be challenging to put all of the daily tasks to the side and keep the spark alive. Even though schedules can get busy, it is up to the couple what their life together looks like. The following tips should point both of you in the right direction:

Plan a Date Night

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. If you worry about your finances, budget conscious couples can always scour the local papers for coupons and look online at such sites as Discountrue to save some cash. Even if it's something as simple as going out to a sit down restaurant without the kids or spending at least one lunch break per week together, having a regular date to look forward to keeps the relationship feeling fresh and interesting!

Don't Stop Flirting

Just because you "already have" a person doesn't mean you should ever give up on doing the things that won you their affection in the first place. Never hesitate to tell your significant other how sexy they look, how much they mean to you and if an opportunity to lay down your very best pickup line should happen to present itself, you have to seize it!

Be Spontaneous

One of the main reasons why the spark dies in our relationships is complacency. We allow ourselves to fall into ruts and routines that drain life of spontaneity. Don't let this happen to you – surprise your significant other with a trip out of town for the weekend (and take care of all the necessary arrangements first). Or skip the usual home cooked meal and take them out for a night on the town. When you feel things becoming stale, make a move in the opposite direction.

Put Each Other First

Once a couple has joined their lives together, it becomes much more challenging to prioritize one another. Work, school, children, family, all of these aspects can drain us and keep us from giving each other the attention we deserve. When you fail to put each other first, this is how schisms develop between couples and they begin to seek affection from outside sources.

Talk Problems Through

Couples who both have full and busy lives still have disagreements, but these obligations and responsibilities get in the way of hashing them out. While it is definitely a cliché to say that a couple should never go to bed mad, this cliché has endured for a very good reason: because it is true. Allowing problems to fester and build up only leads to increased tension and an inability to enjoy the moments you do have together, so talk your problems out and don't let them becoming bigger than they should be!

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