Sunday, 25 October 2015

Remove the brass with Naissant Blonde Pearl Shampoo and Treatment

Anyone who has highlights or dyes their hair full on blonde like I do knows how amazing the colour looks after you come out the salon or you do it yourself, but what happens after time and that dreaded dirty or yellow colour creeps through what do you do then?

There are tons of shampoos and conditioning treatments on the market and it can look like a massive minefield, where do you start and more importantly what do you buy.  So it was after me reading some fellow blogger posts I read that Naissant a brand I had never heard of before had a shampoo and conditioner out that helped with toning so I ordered the shampoo and conditioner both from Amazon.

They arrived pretty quickly and from the picture you can see they are not traditionally bottled shaped, inside the product is a deep blue violet hue don't be scared, it doesn't stain your hands. The product description on the bottle reads

Keep the colour until the next dye

Contains provitamin B5 olive oil, honey vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Specially for lighter shades and champagne blondes.

What I did first was washed my hair with my Redken Blonde Shampoo rinsed out and then towelled my hair very lightly and applied the treatment first to see how this would work, almost straight away you can see your hair changing and almost greying, the bottle says to leave in between 5 to 10 minutes, I chose 5 minutes for the first time as I was a little bit scared. Now one side of my hair must be more porous than the other, I have no idea why it takes colour quicker than the other but I applied the toning treatment to that side first. After 5 minutes I rinsed out well, and then I applied a tiny bit of a leave in conditioner from another brand.  I have to be fair this worked amazing my hair was really bright and had quite a lot of gross yellow tones in, this was toned right down and my hair now looks a more natural cooler blonde.  If you like your hair more golden toned this will not be for you as you definitely get a cool tone coming through.  I really like this and is perfect for getting rid of the brass,

Laura x