Monday, 19 October 2015

Three days in New York City

As I'm writing I feel very tired but defo not moaning as had the best couple of days ever in NYC.
I went with my little sister Kelly and we had so much fun.  We had laughs good times and memories I'm sure neither of us will ever forget.
We stayed in the Cassa which is a little boutique style hotel situated in Midtown New York, perfectly situated for the things we wanted to do and minutes away from Times Square.  The hotel was lovely and the staff so friendly not that we were there much but whilst we were there they made us feel so welcome.
If you have never been before my only advice would be don't bother with high heels as you won't wear them, take comfy clothes and plenty of money, although unless you are shopping you can do it cheaply if you want to.

If you are worried about it being a major city and being attacked by gangs etc don't be,  there are people everywhere, and around the typical tourist attractions there is a visible police NYPD presence, ps they look amazing in their uniforms.  Obviously there are quite a few homes less people around, keep your bags safe and don't give anyone money or change if they ask.

If you asked me my highlight probably too many to list but after seeing the twin towers years ago and obviously the after effects now, I found ground zero very moving and we did the 9/11 new museum which again was very moving and gave a very big insight into that day and how NY has recovered after that awful day.  Shopping wise you will be so hard pushed into not getting a bargain or even into not buying anything. Macy's was our favourite as a visitor you get 10% off goods but they have sales galore to which was at 25% whilst we were there.  We also went over to Nike Town which Is a huge store dedicated to all things Nike again you will be hard pushed to not buy anything.  
If you are thinking of going don't think!!!! Book and go.

Laura x