Saturday, 10 October 2015

Why I find Caroline Hiron's so inspiring.

I have always been a huge fan of Caroline Hiron's for a huge list of reasons, obviously her knowledge of skincare, beauty and all speaks for itself, I genuinely look to her posts for inspiration when my own  skin needs a boost and even some times when I feel a bit miserable just seeing her posts on Instagram lift my mood straight away.  Now please don't read this and think it's a lick arse post blah blah it's not, the reason for it is off the back of reading her latest post about "the importance of having an opinion, and voicing it.  And I urge you if you haven't read it to read it.

Years ago I never would have voiced an opinion I was far too scared to, if someone asked me a simple question like even "what's your name" my head would hit the floor I would go bright red and a whisper would come out .... I think then I was scared of everything everyone inc my own shadow.  I simply would have done most things in order for someone to like me even saying I liked something even if I didn't.  It's taken me a while to change in fact now I'm in my forties I feel so much more empowered.  Blogging is definitely harder to do when your older there's no doubting that, and I feel that there is more scope for younger girls and boys, but that being said there a lot of older respected bloggers doing well and enjoying what they do.

When it comes to writing posts I do try and be as honest as I can, I have had some really exciting emails in the past from PR's saying how refreshing it was to read honest posts, I do have opinions about things but I post mine in a way that's not insulting to anyone or anything but I try to do it still so it remains refreshing and not run of the mill sugar coated in glitter and fairies if you get my meaning.   It's really hard as I mentioned to be honest especially if your younger as I said about myself in the past, now in my own line of employment I do speak up quite a lot more in meetings and I think it's important to do so.  Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion but as a person you have the right to voice it.

This is why in my couple of years of blogging and I've been noticed in that short time huge changes, I have noticed that the community has moved away slightly from the supportiveness that was there before and I would love to see that back, blogging is a huge voice and I look to blogs to read about products and fashion way before I would pick up a this is why the blogging community needs to regroup and remember support and say how you feel, if you don't like the latest fashion or eyeliner trend you don't have to, just because everyone else does you don't have to.  I hate culottes with a passion probably because I had them the first time around, so I wouldn't wear them or buy them, I wouldn't buy them because they are the thing of the moment or because my friends have them.  I was actually chuffed the other day in work we had a dress down day (we could wear what we want day) and my colleagues said they really liked my style as I dress for me and what I like.  That was refreshing for me as I think I used to dress how I thought everyone else should.

So back to why I admire Mrs Hirons because she's got a wicked sense of humour that comes across, she's real and seems very grounded. I could imagine a night out with her would be hilarious but your head would be killing for ages after,
But the fact she speaks her mind and with her raised eyebrow I to would love people to gain the strength to be original to.

Laura xx