Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Why I'm loving baking right now

Ok so when I was in my twenties I thought baking was for ancient people (i.e people in their 40's) and me being there I really don't think that's ancient ha ha, and caking is now a cool past time.  I actually find baking to be very therapeutic and if you have had a bad day then it does take a lot of stress away.
I started just following a few simple recipes and then went to do bigger things like cakes for friends, I know bake cakes weekly to take into work, and my colleagues actually buy bits of cakes and then the money goes away and it goes to a charity, I've chosen a charity called Chrons and Collitus as my best friend in work suffers from Chrons and seeing her daily struggles has inspired me to keep doing it along with my enjoyment.
Now I'm never going to be a Mary Berry or a Nigella not from the want of trying but I really love it.

So here is my attempt at a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake, my work colleagues loved it, and I was actually proud that once the cake was cut into the middle it actually was swirly woo hoo.

Do you like baking and what are you fave things to bake

Laura x

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Superdrug PhytoDeluxe Indulgent Day And Night Cream

I was lucky to have been sent two products from an exciting range for over 40's that has not long been released from Superdrug as in the title I had the day and night cream, and I've been trialling this for just over a month, just to give it time incase of break outs or skin irritation.

As I often say being older is a case of give me the skincare your skin defo needs a lot more love and care and you simply cannot skimp on taking care of it. Or you will simply wake up looking like the grim reaper.

So back to the skincare, this range is new and a premium skincare range for Superdrug, which packaging wise and key ingredient wise will give the bad boy premium expensive skincare brands a run for their money.  Ingredients include Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Black Truffle Extract which is derived from platinum, and with all the other ingredients they help to boost the synthesis of Collagen to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve hydration.

I have been using the day and night cream for over a month I found the day cream lightweight and sank into my skin quickly, the smell is fresh but not over pouring at all,  for me I would give my skin a good clean - cleanse in the morning and then apply the cream.

The night cream is naturally thicker in texture but it's velvety to the touch and again soaks in my skin nicely.  I do double cleanse every night anyway as I wear quite a lot of makeup and want to get it all off,  all I can say my skin looked and feels amazing after using these two creams and trust me I would say if I didn't like them, they didn't break my skin out or cause any nastiness.  And for the record my skin is slightly sensitive and a minute has a real mind of its own and not loving the really intense cold weather at the moment.

I'm loving also the fact this top range is available at Superdrug where I can't just go in and not buy anything else, but as I said this range gives the department store creams a run for their money, and if your looking for a gift for you, your mum or your nan go and get it before it's gone.

Laura x

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dermalogica age smart kit

Hello guys well I'm now really excited about Christmas I used to be a proper ba humbug but I love it now, I'm really liking all the kits and gifts that come out for Christmas and skincare pretties being a favourite of mine.  We are just in the middle of the effects of the tail end of hurricane Abigail so the wind has even shocking and my face is literally crying with the battering it's taking. I was lucky enough to be gifted with a kit from Dermalogica and I had the Age Smart one which included the super rich repair moisturiser, skin resurfacing cleanser and a weird grey thing which I will explain later.
Years ago I had a facial in a salon by an amazing lady who was just ready to retire and I think I was her last facial, she used Dermalogica products and used a face mapping system to target any concern areas and used different products to target these areas, I left the salon thinking omg my skin is glowing.  I was chuffed to bits. That was my first experience with the brand and I knew after that it couldn't be the last.  I have used lots of their products since and always have something from them in my stash.
So the skin resurfacing cleanser, you put some product into the palm of your hand mix with a little water and massage into your skin, avoiding the eye area, this cleanser contains Lactic Acid which helps retexturize the surface by removing dirt and helps prepare the skin for other products, this is where the weird grey thing comes in, now what I do is, as it's like a glove you put your hand in, dip into water and massage the glove all over your face, it's not rough but helps to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells, what I love the most is I normally use muslin cloths for this and I have to wash them out all the time but with this you just rinse under water and leave to dry.

Then once you have dried off your face it's time for the Super Rich Moisturiser to use apply to face and neck using light upward strokes until absorbed, if your skin is really dry you can apply a thicker layer and leave it to absorb and then using tissue take off the excess, so it's literally like a really thick mask.  If your skin is not dry this cream wouldn't be for you as it is really rich in texture but for the dry winter conditions a small amount for less drier skins would be good, but for chronic dehydrated conditions this would be a must.    You could be inclined to think this is suited to the over 40,s and that being said yes yes yes I need it, but if your in your 30,s and can see the signs of ageing creeping up then slap it on I say it won't hurt you.

Laura xx

This kit was gifted to me. X

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Reseed shampoo and conditioner product review*

Hey guys  hope you are all well and I cannot believe Halloween and Bon fire night are over and Christmas is nearing, my favourite holiday of all.  So with that in mind whether you love it or hate it I'm sure you would be out for at least one event whether it's a works meal or a big huge night out, you want to look your best.  Now for me being honest I normally get ready and my makeup is usually on point, but my hair that's another story.  I was recently contacted by some lovely guys who asked if I wanted to review some products for thinning or fine hair.  Now being in my twenties I knew my hair was ultra fine but I kind of ignored it and just got on with stuff probably being young and carefree.  However being in my forties now it's not something I can ignore now.

So I had heard of I knew there was a range for men but wasn't aware there was a now a range for women until now.  Now when my hairdresser told me my hair was thinning I literally came out of there dying I was so embarrassed, but it's life and I have to deal with this and I'm not the only person in the world who suffers from this, and If I can use or find products to help then bring it on and that's why I wanted to try these.  I received very kindly a shampoo and conditioner, the shampoo is in Ginkgo and Sabal which is basically fortified with loads of vitamins and minerals which help to stimulate the scalp and revitalise hair follicles and also my favourite and trust me it does work helps add volume and density.  The bottles are nothing fancy, very clean packaging but I didn't expect them to be glitzy as these are in fact a treatment range you don't need the fancy pants packaging.

To use, you wet your hair as usual and lather and leave for three minutes then rinse away, I enjoyed the smell to, nice and clean smelling but nothing over powering, again I didn't expect it to be and as I said it does the job amazingly.  

Unfortunately amongst my male friends hair loss is a big joke and I think that's how they deal with it, but for women it can be a big thing, traumatic, and really confidence affecting but I personally now it affects me appreciate there are products available to help thank god, now excuse me while I swish my hair ha ha.


*products sent for consideration for review! all thoughts are all my own.