Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dermalogica age smart kit

Hello guys well I'm now really excited about Christmas I used to be a proper ba humbug but I love it now, I'm really liking all the kits and gifts that come out for Christmas and skincare pretties being a favourite of mine.  We are just in the middle of the effects of the tail end of hurricane Abigail so the wind has even shocking and my face is literally crying with the battering it's taking. I was lucky enough to be gifted with a kit from Dermalogica and I had the Age Smart one which included the super rich repair moisturiser, skin resurfacing cleanser and a weird grey thing which I will explain later.
Years ago I had a facial in a salon by an amazing lady who was just ready to retire and I think I was her last facial, she used Dermalogica products and used a face mapping system to target any concern areas and used different products to target these areas, I left the salon thinking omg my skin is glowing.  I was chuffed to bits. That was my first experience with the brand and I knew after that it couldn't be the last.  I have used lots of their products since and always have something from them in my stash.
So the skin resurfacing cleanser, you put some product into the palm of your hand mix with a little water and massage into your skin, avoiding the eye area, this cleanser contains Lactic Acid which helps retexturize the surface by removing dirt and helps prepare the skin for other products, this is where the weird grey thing comes in, now what I do is, as it's like a glove you put your hand in, dip into water and massage the glove all over your face, it's not rough but helps to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells, what I love the most is I normally use muslin cloths for this and I have to wash them out all the time but with this you just rinse under water and leave to dry.

Then once you have dried off your face it's time for the Super Rich Moisturiser to use apply to face and neck using light upward strokes until absorbed, if your skin is really dry you can apply a thicker layer and leave it to absorb and then using tissue take off the excess, so it's literally like a really thick mask.  If your skin is not dry this cream wouldn't be for you as it is really rich in texture but for the dry winter conditions a small amount for less drier skins would be good, but for chronic dehydrated conditions this would be a must.    You could be inclined to think this is suited to the over 40,s and that being said yes yes yes I need it, but if your in your 30,s and can see the signs of ageing creeping up then slap it on I say it won't hurt you.

Laura xx

This kit was gifted to me. X