Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Why I'm loving baking right now

Ok so when I was in my twenties I thought baking was for ancient people (i.e people in their 40's) and me being there I really don't think that's ancient ha ha, and caking is now a cool past time.  I actually find baking to be very therapeutic and if you have had a bad day then it does take a lot of stress away.
I started just following a few simple recipes and then went to do bigger things like cakes for friends, I know bake cakes weekly to take into work, and my colleagues actually buy bits of cakes and then the money goes away and it goes to a charity, I've chosen a charity called Chrons and Collitus as my best friend in work suffers from Chrons and seeing her daily struggles has inspired me to keep doing it along with my enjoyment.
Now I'm never going to be a Mary Berry or a Nigella not from the want of trying but I really love it.

So here is my attempt at a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake, my work colleagues loved it, and I was actually proud that once the cake was cut into the middle it actually was swirly woo hoo.

Do you like baking and what are you fave things to bake

Laura x