Monday, 21 December 2015

Anxiety, going out and christmas fun

I'm writing this and nursing a bit of a hangover which I'm actually quite pleased out as I haven't been out out for a good while, this year I've been more out staying in on the sofa watching crap on the T.V. rather than getting myself out and about.  It's the same old dread what to wear, not liking my hair, the fuss of getting ready, BUT when all that's aside and I actually force myself to go out I generally end up having fun.  This year hasn't been good at all anxiety wise and I would say it's been my worst for severe panic attacks, I'm proud of myself for forcing myself to go to work,  but aside work I haven't been able to cope with much else.  I feel like an idiot for feeling like that, but I know I really am not alone, next year I'm going to try really hard and beat it as I think once I make the effort to beat it I actually have a good time, I just can't let my inner demons win.

Anyway I went to a wedding party last night with my lovely best friend and other friends, ended up having a good few gins too many buy hey hoh it's Xmas and why not.

Laura x