Saturday, 12 December 2015

Taotronics Portable Stereo Wireless Headset

I will go to the gym I will go to the gym!!!!!

Well I will in January anyway to many mince pies around and quality streets, so all my good intentions have gone right out of the window.  Now when I was gym addicted I cannot go there without music it's far to boring to for that, but there's nothing more annoying for me than say running on the tread mill and having to stop to put ear phones back in your ear as they keep falling out, I feel like a right idiot to, although I'm sure no one really notices, that's why these beauties come into play and I'm so glad I have them, they are from Taotronics and I have them in green, the headphones design will fit into the contours of the back of your ear, so the headset will stay in place even when sprinting or running.   Not only that they are protected with a liquid repellent gel to keep sweat and water away.

Come January I'm going to try my best to road run again, now these do cancel out a lot of noise, so I'm going to run whilst its still light as I'm not the most alert runner around and need to have my wits about me, but there's no chance that I will be running without music, so hoping I get a load of great music over Xmas.  If you fancy these you can purchase them from Amazon.

Laura x