Saturday, 31 January 2015

Re found love of nails inc porchester square

Hi guys hope everyone is ok, I thought I would do a new post as I've finally had my nails done after what seems like months of having hands like builders..
Very dry hands and I've been sat in work typing away desperately trying for people not to see how rough my hands and nails were looking.

Not sure the weird weather has helped not only are my hands dry cracked and weathered but I haven't put a nail varnish near my nails since well before Christmas.  Anyway new year new start.  I've plastered my hands in my fav hand cream as above and I've got Nails inc Porchester Square on the nails. 

It doesn't look like too much in the bottle, and some people find nudes boring, but I actually really like this shade it's like a beigey mushroom colour and goes with everything you wear. 

I do find Nails Inc is generally good, you do need a few coats though to make it not look see through but that's fine, and with the chip test you get a good few days out of it as long as you use a good top coat. 

What do you think

Laura xx

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Estée Lauder double wear eyeliner

I love eyeliner and I wouldn't do a makeup look on me that didn't include it.  Some eyeliners can be a little hit and miss and end up making you look like a panda by the end of the day, or very grungy ok if that's the look you want but defo not if you just want it like eyeliner usually is.

Estée Lauder Double Wear in foundation terms is right up there as one of the best and it deserves to me it's good.  So when I heard they had brought out an eyeliner version I was a bit excited.  

So this is my look: ok my skin doesn't look great as I took my son to play football and the wind chill was about minus 3 degrees. So this photo was taken after but at least it shows that the eyeliner held up and it was very windy and my eyes were running like a river.  

I actually really like it the colour is Onyx and I think the long levity of this is really good and the depth of the colour is fab.

Laura x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rodial instaglam Deluxe bronzing powder

I love a good bronzer and trust me I've tried plenty. I think us makeup gals and boys when we like something we buy lots of the same in all different looks and brands. 

When it comes to bronzer I've bought 
liquid ones cream ones and powder.  I haven't really got a pref to which I prefer. Although cream is not the best if your skin is oily. 

I'm a sucker for pretty designs and 
packaging although I do like how the product performs ultimately.

I have wanted the Rodial instaglam bronzing powder for ages, and I've got it at last.  I love the funky classic packaging, it's a bit fiddly to open but I 
think that's more me than the compact.
In terms of bronzing I've got it on, in my picture above I'm using currently to try contouring but I'm not looking like KIM K or Daisy Lowe Rodials brand ambassador, however I can try, in the summer I will use it a bit more 
unsparingly as you can get away with a more tanned look in the summer, although I like a glow most of the time. 

The powder is lovely it seems quite finely milled, and very light.  I don't think it comes out and gives you a fake glow and the best thing my face doesn't go muddy through the day (some bronzers make my skin go like mud) as the day goes on.

Have you tried it what do you think?

Or whats you fave bronzer?

Laura x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to beat the January blues

Well I started this month all happy positive and rairing to go.

Well what changed? Well as much as I was all happy and positive most of my work colleagues have been unhappy miserable etc, I've tried to ignore it but sometimes when people around are continuously miserable it does get you down.

So I've had some horrible things go on this month but I've picked myself up dusted myself down and going to continue to keep going.

I'm going to keep positive and keep smiling and carry on.

So if you are feeling down or things are getting on top of you what can you do?

I think the biggest thing you can do when you feel horrible is to look at the good things you have around you, it's not easy to see good sometimes when you feel like that but keep going we can do it.

And here's a picture of my kitten she makes me smile, well she does when she's not pooing on my rugs grrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to get that nude/work/college lip

When it comes to daytime makeup you don't want anything too in your face, unless you need something to brighten you up, if your not feeling well or just cannot bring yourself to go nude. (In the lip sense) 

I don't know about you but because I'm in work all week I've got makeup on everyday apart from weekends unless I'm out and about, but if I'm in sometimes I like just to do a natural makeup look.

But you could do this for school, your not allowed to wear much makeup to school, or college, or work, or if you don't like much makeup but fancy a change a nude lip is perfect.

For my look I used MAC lip pencil in Striptease and NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girl, I don't think the lighting has done the lip lacquer enough justice, the colour is amazing it's like a baby nude colour with a tiny shine to it, the only negative it can feel a bit gloppy if you use too much, and you get the dreaded build up of gloss in the corners of your lip.

Is it worth it: god yeah it's brill.

Do you like nude lips.

Laura x

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Love etsy shopping

Well my Christmas Tree and decorations have gone down, and I feel like that time has been about a year ago, so what to focus on now.

As I put in last posts, fit and healthy is something I'm doing now, but also I'm giving my home a little bit of an update.

Hope you don't find it boring to read, but I like reading and looking at home decor pictures, and can spend hours nosing at people's living room ideas and bedrooms, I always look at them and think wow that's so much nicer than mine.

To cut a long story short my down stairs bathroom was white and lime, so I've changed that to white and black.

I wanted a picture to go above my toilet, someone suggested a mirror, hmmmmm think not, who puts a mirror there, so the picture idea won.  I wanted something a bit different, I scoured the internet and Etsy shops and came across the poster above.
I love London and all things a London so to me this was perfect.
I ordered the poster and then a frame to go with it.

I think this is nice, can't wait to put it up, il post how the bathroom looks with all that done.

Do you like buying things that are a bit different?

Laura x

Monday, 5 January 2015

Some of my fav gifts from Christmas

Hope you all had lovely Christmases and had a lovely time with family and friends.

I think I ate my weight in chocolate and Pringles so now I'm on mission to be a good girl.

I had some really nice gifts for Christmas some of which are as above.

One of my fave presents was my tartan scarf from New Look, which I love, I really like tartan it's so funky and I think it looks smart. The scarf is reversible so you get two looks for one. I need to hide it from my daughter as she keeps pinching my things. 

I had one of my fave candles from Yankee Candles to in Black Coconut the smell is the best.
And Mrs Browns Boys DVD the movie, I can't wait to watch it, I love Mrs Browns Boys, every time they tour I miss it, and I literally cried last time as I wanted to go but couldn't, it's my sense of humour all over it.  

Let me know some of your faves you had 

Laura x