Monday, 19 September 2016

How to increase your storage space for your business*

I would never normally be interested in anything remotely to do with manual work, or to do with fixings and fittings etc, but after my office burned down I did think I want to take a little interest in things other than shades of lipsticks or blushes which I love incidentally, anyway getting back to the subject at hand and what has this to do with anything,  After my place of work caught fire the building had to be refitted and at the time the company where looking at possible alternative places to rent for storage solutions, however now I realise relocation doesn't always have to be the answer and you can actually increase storage space in your current space.
Here are some ways you can do this:)

Warehouse Storage Solutions Limited are a firm with over 20 years of experience in finding storage solutions for your premises.  They use the most up to date CAD technology to ensure exact drawings and designs so there are no nasty surprises and your space is filled correctly and to the highest standards,  Storage solutions can be filled in so many ways such as

Standard Pallet Racking
Mezzanine Floors
Narrow Aisle Pallette Racking
Cantilever Racking
Drive in Pallet Racking
Push Back Pallet Racking
Tiered Storage Structures
Pallet Live Racking
Chemical Storage Racking
Shelving Systems
Repairs and Inspections
Long Span Racking
Rack and Storage Accessories

I had no idea there are so many ways to increase storage in a premises an example of one area is Mezzanine Floors what is this?

Mezzanine Floor is a raised platform within a building that is constructed and is independent of the building structure. They are usually built and supported by steel columns, this can allow a business to effectively create additional floors of space allowing a use for storage, retail or extra office space.  This would save a fortune on having to relocate and find alternative premises.

For each different solution and  to read or contact them to find out if this could help you, you can contact them direct on :)  01423 819057

Or on there website which is

Such a different post but hope you liked it

*this is a collaborative post

Laura x

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Where have I been???

Hello guys hope you are all well, I have really missed writing but needed a bit of time out, I have had some family issues and some really bad issues with my health. I don't make any secret of the fact I have really bad depression I don't find it embarrassing to discuss anymore, I used to but don't now. But as of the last month mine has been so bad for the last month I have barely left the house apart from going to work and I have not even seen my friends,  I did brave the doctors and they upped my medication straight away, to be honest for me this was probably a very good option, although it doesn't work for all.  With depression it's one where people think that if you outside visually look fine and don't smell and brush your hair then your fine, but people don't realise how debilating the illness is.  It really can be an awful thing.  I did go to Scotland early July to visit family and felt quite good for that, I tried to upload my pictures on a post but I can't get my old brain around the new blogger format.
But I came back and haven't felt good at all,  I do hate it when people say to you oh my god what on earth do you have to be miserable about, well yes agreed any onlooker can rightly think that but they cannot see off feel what you as a person feel like inside.
But now as we are heading towards the end of August I do feel a tiny bit better, I have forced myself to get out with my children and I mean literally forcing myself and I do think it's true you have to force yourself as staying in makes me feel worse in the long run, although when your in the middle of it , it really doesn't make a difference to your mood if you are in or out.

But anyway I am really trying to keep everything positive but if you to suffer from this you will know where I'm coming from, there are no age limits no barriers no class that are unaffected it can affect all.

Laura x

Saturday, 16 July 2016

DHC Eye Zone Care Pack*

I was recently sent an eye care by the brand DHC after previously using there skin oil I was quite excited to try them.  Something to help care for your eyes is good in my books.  Also with claims to improve fine lines puffiness and elasticity in one treatment is also right up there.

So the packet arrived as my picture and I cut it open to reveal a little plastic pouch as below.  Neatly packaged are your eye masks.  Now cleansing and toning first is the plan. Then carefully place the masks neatly under your eyes.  Neatly is not something I'm great at and once I put mine on I looked

like I had stepped off the cast of Casualty.  I almost couldn't see at one point and I had placed it so
wrongly by my eye it was pulling my lid down.  Not the masks fault it was all mine.

Now after the week I've had and wake ups at 4am every morning and not being able to get back to sleep my poor eyes looked so puffy and tired and if you feel tired and see that you also look tired it makes you feel much worse, it does me anyway and I'm sure you do to. So give me the eye masks.

Now don't they look funny, but trust me once you get the hang of the correction application shove them on, watch tv for ten minutes and done.  Any excess cream that's left under your eyes rub gently in and take a look.  I did feel that my skin and under eye area felt soothed and more refreshed unlike the dry desert like feeling it had been before.  Would i use them again yes I would. 


*sent for consideration for review 

Monday, 27 June 2016

First impressions Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick

Hey guys I haven't bought makeup for a little while so I decided to get some my firsr purchase was a Brightening Brick from Bobbi Brown in the shade Tawny.  I couldn't decide in the shop to get Tawny or Pink took me ages, probably getting on the girls nerves in the shop and sticking my finger in each square to see the colour pay off.  So eventually I bought Tawny, don't get me wrong I want the pink one to but thought I would use Tawny everyday.

The Brightening Bricks are very similar to the old school shimmer bricks that Bobbi Brown do but I actually prefer the Bricks personally.  I would warn you do not drop these as the product will break and you will be devastated, I did do it to my shimmer bricks and was so gutted, I am very careful with this brick as I don't want that to happen.

The packaging is fine, very minimalist in the traditional white lettering of Bobbi Brown, does get covered in finger prints but that doesn't bother me.  It's made of a plastic material which again is fine doesn't bother me.

And there you go a nice array of lovely colours, I simply swirl my brush in them all and tap off any excess then sweep onto my cheeks.

And this is the finished look, you do get a nice glow from the blush, but I didn't find it too much
Or too glittery and I found that it lasted pretty well on my face considering I do have oily skin.

Laura x

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Alterna caviar moisture shampoo and conditioner

Hey hope your all well, I still have my extensions in and loving them, I did find them initially quite strange as I had gone from short to long hair in about three hours.  I did also find washing them and styling them strange to, but like everything you get used to it.  When I had my extensions fitted the lady have me a pack advising me how to care and look after them, I was pleased to see in the pack they advised using specific shampoos and conditioners and one of the recommendations was the shampoo and conditioner I already owned.  Now this range is by no means the cheapest and you can't get it in your local supermarket but as long as you don't mind that, that's fine.  I will say if you do decide to give them a go, the bottles are not huge but as the product is so rich you don't need much at all.  I normally go over board with products especially shampoo and use way more than I should but with this you really don't need to.

The formulation is rich and creamy and feels lovely to use, hope that doesn't sound strange but I mean it's so creamy you don't have to do much to get lovely clean hair. Not only that it's not filled with horrible nasties to ruin your hair and fill it up with gunk.  I think if your suffering from dry and damaged hair this will be perfect to inject some life in your hair.

If your thinking of having extensions and take the plunge then it's important as looking after your own real hair looking after them, you need to condition them and try to not use too much heat on them.

Laura xx

Monday, 13 June 2016

Mens health week with TENA* Men

Hi guys hope your all well, this week is Mens Health Week which coincides quite nicely with Fathers Day this coming Sunday, so with this in mind and my love of talking about things that some class as taboe and make you (and ok even me pre being forty) blush il talk about some "men things' later on.

So I teamed up with TENA and health week runs from today June 13 - 19th and everyday this week looks at different ways that men can do things to improve there health.  Reports have shown that most men if they have any health concerns they are more likely to deal with it themselves than go to the doctors, and one in five admitted that they last had a check up over two years ago. I liken this to a car, if your car was making noises or playing up would you leave it or just carry on driving it till it burnt out, not likely so the same apples to health, you would or should go and check yourself checked out if something doesn't feel right.
TENA sent me a fab humongous kit which I've pictured bits of below to kick start the week here we go.

Hopefully you can see the box was rammed with great stuff, my particular favourite which made me crack up must be my mind, was the below the belt kit!!!! So who knew you guys could have a kit to stay fresh and clean down below (cough cough)   And a product called the Waterless Shower Groin Cleanser which basically is the equivalent of our dry shampoo for hair.  It appears that a lot of men like to keep themselves  neat and tidy in most departments.

A water bottle was provided with the aim to ensure that fluids water being ideal are drank to keep hydrated, just as important for women also, and men need to endure they are equally as hydrated, to ensure a healthy bladder and a balanced lifestyle.  

I'm actually educating myself but I didn't realise that men to suffer from urine leakage at some point and one in four over 40 have experienced this.  Some men have actually said they would give up the gym for a whole year than admit to this.  This makes me feel sad to read, as I did think it was just women who experienced things like this, but men do to,  TENA have a product called TENA men protective shield which would keep this right in check.   Fancy a sample no questions asked click 

Another thing that is hugely important that I received in the box is deodorant and staying cool and calm, men face stress just like us (ok we cope better) but staying calm is important for stress levels and healthy hearts. So whether in work, at the gym or whatever your doing Deodorant is so important as is choosing the right one, but please always wear it!!!! There is nothing worse than a smart man, or boy or any male with sweat patches so extremely important choose a good tough hard working one.  

Have a good week guys stay healthy and groomed we love you for it.


*pr sent for consideration for review 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Skin care faves from Liz Earle

Well after seeming to have endured winter for more months than it should be, the sun actually made a huge appearance over the bank holiday which I think is generally unheard of, what a bank holiday without rain. That doesn't happen well it did this year. So sun being out and payday it was a good weekend and I hope you had one to. This weekend I bought some Liz Earle Favourites to keep my skin looking healthy and to help look after it.
I bought the famous cleanse and polish which unless you don't read blogs, magazines or walk around with your eyes taped shut you would have heard of.  I love it because I like a hot cloth cleanse for my skin especially when removing makeup, I like the blend of natural ingredients such as Rosemary, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus, which all have lovely soothing and calming properties.  I like the fact that Cleanse and Polish is good for any age young and old, my daughter who is 14 uses it to, well she actually pinches it from me.  She likes the creamy texture and the clean feeling you get once you have washed your face.
This time I picked up the Instant Boost Skin Tonic to, I haven't had this before but I figured would be nice to use with the cleanse and polish.  Again natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile to soothe and refresh your skin.

I can't wait to start using these especially the tonic as I haven't used it before, and I think judging on how much I like the cleanse and polish I hope I feel the same about the tonic to.

Hope you have enjoyed this post

Laura x

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hair extensions my first experience

As you all know as I have been bleating on for months I had my hair cut into a pixie cut in October and regretted it so much, and been miserable ever since, so Friday just gone I took the plunge and went in to have hair extensions.  I have always wanted extensions but been too scared to have them for lots of reasons but I mustered up the courage and thought right lets just do it.

Sorry about the miserable face but this is what I started with a still very short hairstyle, but long in terms with what I did have.

And this is my final result it's obviously not to everyone's cup of tea, but I'm happy with it, I feel like a girl again which I didn't with my ultra short hair,  and at the end of the day you have to do what helps and builds your confidence back up and this has helped build mine from on the floor to a better level,.. After all I am 42 years old and need as much help as I can.  

Laura x

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

St Tropez Self Tan Express* Review

Hello guys hope your all well and wherever you are reading this from you are getting a bit of sun...that is if you like it...Now we all know the massive dangers of sitting in the sun so why not fake it.....I am a massive fan of fake tan but things that put me off are the biscuity smell, streaks and an imprint of brown in my bed.  I'm sure they might be reasons that put you off to.
In today's updated world and technology tanning has improved so much with formulations that give you a rich tan in super quick time.

So with time being no ones friend we all want quick fixes, so with this in mind I was lucky enough to be sent over some self tanners from St Tropez.  I have used St Tropez for many years you know the traditional bottle in white when they just had the basic range out, by that I mean not basic by any means but with all there different formulations now it was there firsr edition.  So this one is there Self Tan Express which promises a light tan after an hours application a medium colour after two an a dark tan after three hours. Application is easy and I just simply pump the mousse onto my tanning mitt and apply.  As the colour is quite dark on application you can see what you are dealing with, so ideal when rubbing into your skin as you definitely do not want the tell tale streaks,

When I apply mine I use it in the day and carry on as usual in whatever I'm doing and shower off after three hours.  I didn't notice any minging smells and loved the deep but natural colour I was left with.  One of my firm favourites and perfect for getting your tan on especially super quick.

Laura x

*this post contains press samples

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Quick summer copper gold makeup look

Yay this weekend has seen a mass of rain but amongst that there's been some sun and the sun was hot, so not wanting to miss out on any of this but still wanting to do a makeup look then here are a few products I've used to create a nice (in my opinion) soft copper gold look perfect for summer.

If the sun is out you don't want your makeup to slide off your face as there's no point in applying it otherwise so I would use a primer there are loads around from budget to premium I'm currently using a Dermalogica one.  Don't forget sunscreen either but whatever you use make sure that you allow time for it to soak in. So apply your base a tinted bb cream may be nice depending on how much coverage you need today I used YSL Fusion Ink as it's light weight and doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin, I use a separate concealer.

These were my staples to create the look I used Mac Coppering eyeshadow which Is a deep rusty colour and I applied that up to my crease, I lined my eye in one of my favourite eyeliners called Burgundy Suede by Estée Lauder, I used this to line my eyes, burgundy is a nice eyeliner as it will

make blue eyes pop, I don't have blue eyes but it's great for hazel brown and green eyes which I do fit
in to.  To give my skin a faux glow I used the lovely skin Perfector from Becca in Champagne Pop created by Jaclyn Hill.  I can understand the fuss when I got it, the glow is amazing and you literally need only the tiniest amount ever.

Trust me at my age it's really hard to get a glow so anything I can buy that will help I will.  I like products that are quick easy and work.

And last but not least I used a neutral but pretty lipstick from Chanel called Plumetis it's one of my favourite shades for a neutral look, the lipstick doesn't feel drying and it's a go to lipstick for days when you can't decide on what shade to go for.

Hope you like the look 

Laura x

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Birthday celebrations and my night out

Who says getting older is no fun, well each year I aim to have more fun and more fun.  So Friday was my 42nd birthday and I will say as much as I used to love clubbing and a wide range of house music, these days I prefer to go for a nice meal and drinks with friends.  I generally head into Cardiff where there are loads of lovely pubs and places to eat, but Friday I stayed local. My home town is having a bit of a regeneration so there are a few better places to go and eat than there used to be.
We headed down to our local Smokehouse where a selection of food is served that has been cooked the good old american way by two Irish ladies who literally have worked there asses off to present what they have learned.  We walked in and where greeted by a friendly welcome which is always nice.  Had a quick look round and thought instantly how nice the place looked. And to cut a long story short I ordered brisket beef with burnt ends, this arrived and omg looked amazing, served on a huge slice of garlic bread and drizzled in a BBQ sauce, I couldn't wait to try it, the beef melted in my mouth and I knew I'd chosen the right main. None of my friends ordered it they all ordered different things and normally I look at what everyone else has and want that but this time I didn't.  I loved every mouth full.
Two gin and tonics later and I thought sod it I'm having a dessert so ordered key lime pie which again was so good, I was well and truly stuffed.  I can completely see why this place has been booked solid for months I totally get why.

So we popped next door to my local expression bar and had a expresso martini which was amazing.

I had the best birthday ever and loads of amazing presents.

Laura x 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

A day out at West Midlands safari park

I wanted to take my kids to West Midlands Safari Park for ages, so I bit the bullet and booked online and knew that I was definitely going.  For me it was an hour and a half drive so not too far at all. I got there as the gates opened at 10am and queued along with the other cars for about ten minutes to go through the barriers, I have to be honest I don't know who was most excited I couldn't wait to see the animals.  Each section of the park is gated and a sign indicates what you are going to see. A short wait at each section of lights before you can go ahead and see the next group of animals, that helped the kids refocus and discuss what they had seen and what they would be seeing next.  It was really exciting I have never seen some of the animals and to see them so close by was amazing.
My personal favourites were were seeing the Cheetahs, the lions and the new baby rhino, the kids loved every animal but I think they loved the baby rhino the best, but my littlest loved the meerkats as my photo below shows he was over whelmed and asked if he could bring one home as a pet, how do you explain to a 7 year old that you can't, a swift change of subject and job done.

After I had driven round and had a really good look at the animals I drove down into the section where the rides are, parked up and then took the kids to the seating area we had a quick bite to eat and off again.  Next port of call the Land of the Dinosaurs my boys loved this.  All different types of dinosaur with facts about them including fossils which by boy loved being obsessed with dinosaurs.  As we were walking through you hear all sorts of noises which sounds like dinosaurs the flying ones above your head I must have ducked about 5 times.  After this I went down to the rides plenty there to keep the kids busy.  I had booked wrist bands so they could go on everything and they did, the log flume about ten times.....but that was the intention and they loved it.  We had an amazing day out and I was glad we went, would I recommend it yes, the staff were lovely and mostly smily it's something that makes a great memory for your little ones.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Dealing with children who are growing up quick

Hey guys I generally do write makeup and skincare posts and hair obsessive ones as I love all those things but as a mum sometimes I like to add a parent related post every once in a while.
I have three children aged now nearly 14,11 and 7.  Generally all reasonably behaved children with totally different and funny personalities obviously as they are all different but now they are getting older they are definitely finding their feet in life.
My daughter who is nearly 14 is quite good at the moment and I hope she doesn't change but who knows, my middle child is the boy who is 11 is proving to be a lot more challenging he's really finding his feet and is very strong willed and cheeky.  He's very very stubborn and is really acting like Kevin from the sitcom Kevin and Perry.  Omg sometimes he can be the most amazing sweet natured kind boy and then a second later it's like a thunder bolt and he goes nuts.  I always thought girls grew up being harder work than boys but to be fair I'm finding the boys tougher.

Not only that all activities now I suggest to the kids apart from my little one, they roll their eyes and ask if friends can come.  I think to myself NO I want you all to myself.  And they want to do stuff with their friends all the time and not me.  It's so disappointing but I think in my head they are still so reliant on me but the truth is they are to a certain extent but they are growing up and I have to let them.  But I can honestly say omg what a blink of an eye them being born and then nursery and literally they are as they are now it's unreal.   But as I was saying back to my middles ones stroppy antics how do I deal with it.  Sometimes I feel like crying and sometimes I feel like screaming but a couple of deep breaths and counting to 100 I'm ok.

I bet if you have growing children you will identify with this.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spring clean your skin

Well hello lighter nights warmer days and brighter clothes spring is a lovely time of year. As much as I love Winter there's something nice about going to work in the daylight and coming home in it to.
So with spring time here what does that mean for your skin?

Warmer days means to some people less makeup as warm weather can make makeup slide and slip off the skin which is never a good look, and also make eyeliner run and make you end up looking panda like at the end of the day to.  There are lots of things you can do to prevent that.  Such as putting a primer underneath your foundation which will not only hydrate your skin but make your makeup last longer.  And also a good powder underneath your eyes is a good idea to, as it will prevent your eyeliner budging.  But be careful in choosing your powder as you don't want to make that area look caked as that will look a lot worse.

Don't forget to chose your skincare with an SPF as this is so important with the increased sunlight.  If your struggling with hydration for your skin a facial mist is nice, and can be really hydrating if your skin feels clammy and sticky.

You may have a selection of products you love as I do, but I also like to change up my products from time to time, as I do get bored and fed up of some and then I use something else and think why I did I change!!!!!

There are a few new products I've seen released from Tarte that I like the look of and also a new range of skincare from elemis

Thanks for reading

Laura x

Friday, 25 March 2016

Estée Lauder Perfectly Clear Makeup Remover

Hey guys it's nearly easter and the sun is shining which always makes you feel better. Hope you are all well.  Today I'm writing about a cleanser I had a try in Glasgow in February.  When I was shopping up there in one of their lovely shopping centres I decided to buy Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, and whilst I was trying out the different shades the consultant tried the Estée Lauder Makeup Remover on me.  She said it was excellent to use in conjunction with the Double Wear, but I couldn't buy it at that time as I was travelling by plane and it was too big for my hand luggage.
So once I got home I ordered it.  Now description wise this is to Shiz here we go:)

Triple play for your skin combining 3 in 1.  Cleanser, Toner and Makeup Remover.
A refreshing airy foam cleanser which works immediately.  Melts away makeup (even long wear formulas) as it removes impurities with out drying.
Leaves skin toned, balanced, and comforted with no oily residue. Skin looks healthy fresh and luminous.

Who is this for? Well described as for all skin types
Multi benefits in one
Works gently
Ultra convenience


Use AM and PM. shake well. Gently Massage onto dry skin and rinse off, Avoid eye area,

So how did I find it.  I will say if you wear Double Wear foundation this cleanser will literally tear through it and break it down.  If you want to see before you buy, go to an Estée Lauder counter, ask to put some foundation on your hand and then stick the cleanser on and you can watch it go to work.  I've put some on my hand as above to show you the texture.  Now as I'm honest as much as I like it, as it cuts through makeup super quick, this cleanser is also great for travel as it cuts down on having to pack a separate toner also.  The negative side for me, is the cleanser does dry my skin out and leaves it feeling a little bit tight.  My skin is oily and a little bit sensitive and normally most products are fine,  it's not a massive issue but I think I prefer balm cleansers.
Although as mentioned it is a really great cleanser for when your in a rush, just don't use it around your eyes..... It does tell you not to, but I forgot and did, it did sting my eyes ouch.

Have you tried it what are your thoughts?? 


Monday, 21 March 2016

Redken all soft cream spray

If your hair is suffering from either too much bleach, heat styling, or general wear and tear and it's over processed then you might think what do I do now.  If you are a reader of my blog you will know I'm forever on the quest for products, and I've found another one which I'm loving.  This one is from Redken and as mentioned in the title it's a spray, so great for thin hair which cannot be weighed down.
Redken is one of those brands generally you can spot in a nice salon if you are popping in for a posh haircut and I like a lot of their products as they generally are spot on in what they say on the tin.

So back to the product this is a unique cream in spray form without weighing the hair down, Redken All Soft Cream contains Argan Oil for intense shine and moisture retention, also the spray enriched with keratin infuses hair with amino acids and protein to repair damaged hair and prevent further damage.

How to use, spray on clean towel dried hair especially where your hair is prone to damage.

I can honestly say this is a lovely product, I don't make any secret in my blogs that my hair is over processed, and my hair literally soaks this up when I spray it on, I normally don't blow dry after this, and let my hair dry naturally to try and minimise damage, when I stumble out of bed the next morning my hair looks in a much better state, and feels much better,  not only that everyone asks me if I have recoloured my hair,,,

So if your hair deserves a treat grab one I bought mine from Look Fantastic.

See you soon

Laura xx

Monday, 7 March 2016

Ten tips to grow out a pixie cut

Hey guys hope you are all well, you may remember me having an impulsive short hair cut back in October and as much as the haircut was amazing I felt it was too short for me and have been frantically trying to grow it back out.   So if you are in the same boat then hopefully you may find these tips helpful.

1. Once you have had it cut don't keep looking at it hoping you will wake up and it will all be a dream and you have had a dream and you will have long hair again.  It didn't work for me.

2. Try a different colour on it, if you are hating it short then updating the colour might be good to
keep your look fresh.

3. Don't over wash your hair now it's short you won't have to mess with it too much,  use dry shampoo and cut down on washing it, you need the oils in your scalp to help with the growing process.

4. Condition really well deep conditioning with good products such as coconut oil, and oils are essential.

5. Make the best of what you have using hair scarves. Clips and headbands are a good distraction from growing out hair especially when bits of hair are sticking out everywhere.  This is me with it clipped back.

6.  When you are growing out your pixie cut you still need to have it cut, especially the back, otherwise you will look like you have a mullet which is not a good look at all.

7. Don't give up or you will go back to square one, you decide to cut it off you will go back to the beginning and you don't want to have to go through it all again. 

8. Don't cry and cry and cry trust me I did it, it just makes you feel worse and if is hair it will grow back.

9.  Embrace every stage as a new challenge and think ok this isint frumpy whst can I do with it today, bobby pins are literally my best friend at the moment.

10.  Buy a wig I'm not joking I searched high and low but couldn't find one I liked 

Laura x

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Phenotype city protection Cream Review*

I make no secret of the fact I love skincare, my worst fear is to wake up looking like a shrivelled up prune so I really try and look after my skin.  And if your a younger reader and your mum nags you to wash your face every day then do it, and make sure you moisturise and use sun screen to, because your skin will love you for it.
I love getting emails through especially if they are about makeup and skincare so when one popped in my in box for me to try a new product I was well up for that.  The product is called City Protection by an Italian brand who derive everything from the packaging to the product from Italy.
The ingredients offer plant extracts and olive oil for hydration and aloe Vera for softness also Chamomile for it's calming and smoothness. I suffer on times from sensitive skin so this is why I was drawn to this product.  Also the fact that this product helps for mature skin and yes I am now in this category.

I have been testing out this product for just over two weeks and I really like it. I normally wash my face in the morning pump some product and massage into my skin before makeup and go from there. I normally massage in circular motions and job done.  Sometimes I get too heavy handed by moisturisers and creams and think if I put more on I will glow more or a line will disappear if I put more on, but I'm trying to not do that anymore, and you literally need to do as it says on the tin one pump or two and your done.

So if your like me you like to look after your skin and like natural products and a brand who are against animal testing then check out Phenotype


*this post contains press samples

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Lily flame candles fairy wishes

I really love candles so when I popped into my local candle shop I found these new ones I hadn't seen or heard of before from Lily Flame.  I bought two Fairy Wishes and Fairy Dust.  From what I've read this brand is handmade in Somerset.  You can chose the scented tin candles, I didn't realise they had so many scents until I looked online I really want Bluebell Forest and Coconut Grove next.  Not only can you get the scented tins you can pick up Reed diffusers, room mist sprays and candle jars.

After a bit of research into who Lily flame are I read that the brains behind the brand are Jo Nicholls and she started making candles in her kitchen in 1994,  she started driving to markets in their ex-Royal Mail van selling the candles. After a long time at markets a converted cowshed became the home of lily flame.   And that is how they grew.  A british made beautiful brand.  I'm glad that I looked into the history of the brand as before I started blogging, I would just buy something use it and that was it. Now I like finding out background of the brand and where they come from.

Look how gorgeous the inside of the tin is, so pretty.  And the smell is so gorgeous to anyone who is a candle addict like me this will be a welcome addition to your home.  I picked my candles up at about £8 each so not a bad price at all.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Your perfect mini break kit

Having just come back from a long weekend in Scotland I wished I had received this kit beforehand, because being a bit dizzy and completely forgetting the rules, I packed my hand luggage for the plane forgetting the liquid limit of 100ml, so at the airport I sadly had to have my deodorant, my face cleansers and my hair stuff chucked in the bin, I could have cried, totally my own fault though.  So coming home to a box of lovely travel sized but great quality products was very welcoming.
I haven't had the opportunity to go and visit family for a while so I was very excited, but I guess even if you stay with family or a hotel you still like your own stuff, and generally to use your own products so it's always nice to bring things from home.
I spent the weekend visiting family which was great but the weather was a bit shocking as it was a bit like torrential rain but hey hoh it could be worse,  and then there was the dash to the shops to get my deodorant and face wipes that I hate using, so it's taught me a big lesson next time be more organised and not to have my head in the clouds.
So having spend a day in one of my favourite cities Glasgow I shopped till my feet were nearly crying, and this prompts me to another issue, one that used to embarrass me, but actually it doesn't now as I know it's not my fault,  if I spend a long time out of the house I'm always conscious that I need to be able to find a toilet, now the reason for this in my situation, is three children later and the last one weighing in at 10lb I have suffered from bladder weakness since.  I used to absolutely cringe at the thought of even mentioning this, but after reading that up to 47% of British women suffer from it, I know I'm not the only one, so I do keep a Tena Lady in my bag after all I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus I know that it's a fact of life it's not embarrassing and is something to deal with.

So after spending an amazing weekend in one of my favourite places I flew back to a very windy Wales, the plane was rocking from side to side I kid you not, and all I can say is thank god for my Tena ladies the flight home alone nearly made me wet myself cough cough.

I love this picture of the monument in Merchant Square Glasgow it so reflects Glasgows humour

Laura xx

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

I have probably spoken about my one and only facial and that was a Dermalogica one, I remember having my faced mapped to target certain areas of concern ie dryness blotches etc, so after this I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for some of their products.  When I had been spotting a newness from them in the form of a primer with a Hydrablur in the title I was drawn right in.

So what does this do?

Blurs fine lines and pores
Mattifies oily skin
Locks in hydration

The product in itself is non smelling  and has quite a thick consistency and may take a little effort to work into your skin, you use after your moisturiser so this will help with the ease of working into
your face. You don't have to wait for it to set or anything you can then apply your foundation as
normal.  The key aims are to prolong the life of the foundation on your face, and also to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

For me with my weird combination skin I didn't find it erased fine lines but I did find it did seem to make the look of pores less noticeable, which incidentally i dislike the look of pores more than fine lines anyway.  Throughout the day my skin didn't grease up as much as normal and I felt like I didn't need to apply any powder throughout the day, so I didn't, what a bonus.. All in all a product I liked, my only gripe is you do need a bit more than you would think and you would use it up as it's only a small 22ml size,   Prices start at £32.50 so it's not the cheapest, so if you can grab a sample first just to make sure you will like it and your skin will, I do like it and will repurchase when it runs out.


*this post contains press samples 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to get thickness in fine hair

Hello guys, you may have read about my continuous quest to grow out my pixie and as I write it's at a really minging what are you doing with your hair stage.  I have nearly gone to the hairdressers and said cut it all off but I'll be back to square one.  So what to do with fine life less hair.  If any of you guys or gals are in this boat read on we may just have a little saviour.

If a product is good whether it's a budget or high end and I can afford it I will get it and give it a go,  despite reading reviews I like to give things ago myself and make my own judgement so decided to give Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray a try. I would consider this brand to be a more premium one as their products tend to be higher priced.  I decided to buy the smallest one just incase I didn't like it,  this came in at £9.50 for a 50ml size ordered direct from bumbleandbumble this is quite a small bottle but when I explain you don't need a lot.

Now the product is labelled as hairspray but I didn't find it worked for me like a hairspray, to me hairspray is something you spray lightly and hopefully your hair doesn't feel crunchy or sticky and stays in place.

Now I discovered there are two ways to use it, after you have washed your hair and it's damp or towel dried spray the product onto your hair and either air dry and then go to bed, once you wake up you may find your hair a little stuff so lightly brush out and style hopefully you will have some volume but you may need to put a hairspray over the top to keep it in place.  Or you can wash and towel dry spray a little product onto your hand and rub into your hair and then blow dry your hair as you normally would. I love the way my hair looks thicker this way, my only criticism is it's not a hairspray and you can have a crunch feel to your hair.  On the plus you only need a really small amount so once you get the hang of that you will realise the spray will actually be worth the price tag,      Also the volume you can get is amazing.  Would I buy it again yes I would but it looks like this one will last me ages.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Being healthy and are the slimming world meals nice

I make no secret of the fact I love food and chocolate being my favourite, but after now struggling with my weight for the last couple of years, I've made the decision that I have to sort it out, after being a small size 10 most of my adult life, and after having three children and me just generally eating crap I've noticed my weight slowly go up and then it just rocketed. I need do make changes and I hope writing this post will be good for others and therapy for me, so if I feel like I'm going to go off the wagon again I can read this back to myself and it will give me the kick I need.  Thing is it's not just that I feel horrible in myself I feel unhealthy and I am wearing the same clothes as I can't fit into my existing nice ones.  My issue is I strive to be healthy and then I think stuff it and literally do stuff it into my mouth and I could quite easily eat a packet of chocolate digestives in one go then I feel terrible and why can't I just eat one or two biscuits.  So this is why I've decided to give slimming world another go.  I just want to say this post is written off my own back and I'm not being paid or sponsored to write my views.

I went into my local Iceland a few months ago as I heard they were stocking Slimming World meals they didn't have a big selection at that time, however I went in last week and what a difference the choice was much better.  I thought it would be a good idea to stock up on some meals as if I haven't got time to cook for myself from scratch then I can pop a meal in the microwave.  The worst thing about trying to lose weight and be healthy is feeling hungry and with these meals luckily I find they are quite filling so no danger of that so far.  My favourite meal is the Beef Chana Saag I really like this one, nice chunks of beef and lots of chick peas, there is also a chicken version of this which I like, there are cottage pies, bolognese meals, pasta dishes, and other different curries.  I picked up some soups also for lunch my favourite being carrot and coriander, and not only that when you think I can't deal with all the health I need a cheat day, they only do sausages and burgers in the range to get in there.  They are quite reasonably priced I think at £3.00 a meal and there was an offer when I bought my lot, buy three meals at £3.00 and you get two packs of Muller yoghurt free.  My friend in work likes cooking these meals herself so another colleague gives her the packaging as the full list of ingredients and how to cook is on there.  I much rather the convenience of shoving these in the microwave.

So let's hope I can stick with this, I have to really and I will keep you updated on my progress.  But if your in the same boat or a similar one to me you should give these a try.

Laura x

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Kardashian Beauty Hair Range

There is no denying unless you have been hiding under a rock the family known as the Kardashians have been pretty influencal in an number of ways from the "selfie" to endorsing a wide range of products.  Perfect embassadors for a range of hair products with their gorgeous salon enviable hair, shiny and sleek although my favourite being Khloes, with her edgier blonde bob it's right up my addicted to scissors nature. So with all this to the forefront they bring us their range of hair products called Kardashian Beauty, the design is actually really classy looking which I'm going to be hundred percent honest did surprise me, as a lot of other celebrity inspired products come out and they are quite tacky looking.  The products are what I would describe to look at as high end salon worthy in sleek black bottles with a hint of rose gold colouring, they actually look amazing in my bathroom.

This hairline Is modestly priced between £9.50 and £14.50 and available to buy from cloud10beauty the formulas have been created with the input of the three sisters and has been tested and approved by them, and according to what has been said they actually use their own line.  If it's good enough for them it's good enough for me, that being said my daughter and her friends have been pinching the products and I've had to go and resurrect them from her room.

The first product I used was the Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream enriched with Black Seed Oil, this product helps to help with frizz and humidity so no more Monica from Friends jumps into my mind if you haven't seen that google it you will know what I mean, and most importantly helps against heat styling damage your hair drying and straighteners.  To use I put a really tiny amount in my hand and work through my damp hair, I have short hair so I use a smaller amount than suggested, and my daughter who has long hair uses the recommended small amount and likewise works into her thicker than my fine hair.  And then dry your hair as you normally do. I found this left my hair not feeling sticky but find and did help make my hair look less frizzy and frazzled.

Secondly an important part of my hair routine is a bit of mousse, so on to the K-body Volume Foam this one helps with as the description gives away a shot of volume to your hair, now this appeals to me so much as I have fine flat hair and really need volume, but the downside generally of products with volumising claims can leave my hair feeling sticky and gross, but this didn't, again I did use a really small amount and worked into damp clean hair, also enriched with Black Seed Oil to provide protein and strength to the hair, I dried my hair and my hair looked really full and much more full of body, it didn't last me all day, but I didn't think it would on my hair, and as the weather is currently at gale proportions I couldn't be overly critical of this I thought it was a really worthy product to rate as surprisingly true to claims.

My absolute favourite is the Black Seed Dry Oil this is actually a hair treatment, I know on the market it's literally saturated with oils, with oils really being the thing of the moment, and I can say I used to be petrified of using oils on my hair as I thought they would make my extremely fine hair look and feel really greasy, but used correctly and sparingly they can be amazing for your hair, this one is rich in nutrients and obviously the black seed oil,  I use this on damp hair and rub through the ends and not near my roots just to make sure that I don't get any oil on my scalp, equally you can use this on dry hair, for me to use on the damp hair is a good option as when my hair drys I find that my hair ends up a lot sleeker in texture as a blonde I don't have a natural shine to my hair, but as said my daughter has been pinching these, and I can tell you on her dark hair, her hair looked like glass lovely and glossy.  My daughters only complaint was that she thinks the dry seed oil smells like pepper which she hated, but for me I did think it smelt a little peppery but I absolutely love pepper so I couldn't care about that, but if your not a fan you may not like that.

Other products in this range are::: Pure Glitz Hair Spray, Take 2 Dry Shampoo, Take 2 Dry Conditioner, Twirl Me Curl Defining Cream Gel, and a selection of brushes and Combes.

I didn't have these products to review so I can't tell you how they perform, but if they are like the ones I have tried I can imagine they will be pretty good.

As mentioned these products are all available from and are currently in the sale so grab them now whilst they have money off.

*this post contains press samples

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Why 2016 hasn't been good so far yet being positive is the key

I was determined for 2016 to be a good year, try and get rid of negative things, be happy and thankful for what I have, and still obsess and change my hair,,,,,now that would never change.
But sadly just a blink into 2016 my like adopted father passed away, he had been ill for a little while but I didn't expect him to pass away so suddenly.
He had literally been my rock when my brother passed away suddenly, when I was in my darkest hours and when I just needed a moan he was always there to give me the biggest hug of all.

And yes that is me with my eldest daughter, he was literally the kindest thoughtful man I have ever known, I don't want this to be a morbid post as he wouldn't want that, and I'm being strong and keeping going because he would not want me to be miserable or to be unable to get out if bed, and I'm actually proud that I have been and will be strong although inside I feel crushed.

All I would say is treasure and cherish those who you love as they are will not always be with us, I will be saying goodbye to him on Wednesday and I hope he will always be proud of me.

Laura x

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Eloquence Natural Skincare Review*

If your used to reading my blog then you will know that I'm the biggest fan of skincare ever, if it's cheap and works I will buy it but also if it's more expensive but does the job then I'm very willing to stretch up the budget.  Now I was kindly sent a bunch of products a good few weeks ago from Eloquence and after trialling these products for a good few weeks there was no better time to start with the weather being freaky beyond words with gales, near enough hurricanes and then freezing so heating being on full, my skin going nuts so all in all a good time to see how this little lot would perform.

Eloquence is a new brand who's ethos is to market a skincare brand that contains natural products that being Sacha Inchi Oil which is rich in omega 3,6 and 9.  Now unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know that oils  and skincare oils are so the thing at the moment, the thought initially made me want to hide under that rock, as I thought putting oils onto my face and skin would cause me all sorts of grief but truthfully once you start unless oils don't agree with you, you can't look back and going back to the brand the use of omega oil in these products aims to help with skin dehydration, which causes your skin to look tired dull and generally not great.

I was very kindly sent five of their products, the weather is typically crap so not showing how actually bright green the packaging is against the silver, and would make a nice little statement in your bathroom.

So onto the first product which was the Purifying Facial Cleanser I had this in a 20ml size and it's enriched with cucumber and coconut extracts.  It takes a little while to pump out at first use but that's probably down to me being still asleep stood at the sink trying to wake up.  The product is lovely and light and just has a tiny hint of scent, easy to use and refreshing for your morning skin cleanse, left my skin feeling clean and not tight.  Over all quite a nice little cleanser.

Secondly you follow that with Firm and Tone Serum which I love, as i am in the omg I'm old bracket (41) I need every bit if help and some. This one contains coconut oil and hyaluronic acid and vitamin
A, you literally only need a pea sized amount, so less is more but I struggle with that concept and always put more on than I'm supposed to. But I'm trying to not,  you use this serum morning and night, and I loved the feeling of this on my skin and how my skin did look and feel much more hydrated.  So I really liked this as I could see and feel a difference.

Then you use Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel this is a little 15ml tube, but again you are only supposed to use a little bit.  I have leaned more to gels for my eye care lately as creams can sometimes feel for me like they are sitting under your eye area, whereas gels can feel cooler and more refreshing but that's just my thoughts.  The eye area is one if the first for showing ageing and as the skin is also much thinner you really have to take care of it.  This little gem helps with bags and dark circles.  For me as much as I am older I don't luckily have many wrinkles under my eyes or dark circles but I do seem to be getting bags (crys) but I found this light gel very soothing and helped with my bags.  At £26 I can see why a younger person may hesitate in getting there debit card out and I can understand that, but what I would say is that prevention is the key to looking better and you have to invest in your skin.  And you really have to look after it, so perhaps pull something back that you wanted and get this instead it will be worth it in the long run.

Protect and repair 24hr Cream in a 20ml size this has a UV protection which is great also again like the serum has Hyaluronic acid in to help plump up the skin. Again has a light creamy texture and is easily absorbed into the skin, didn't leave my skin feeling tight but comfortable and feeling moisturised and really helped against the drying effects my skin has been feeling lately.

Nourishing and Treatment Oil this is an expensive one coming in at £50 but don't faint there's good news for you later on, this product is absolutely gorgeous containing sweet oil and coconut it's luxurious and helps with hair nails and skin.  I have been massaging the oil into my cuticles and nails and the sides of my fingers where they often look dry and they look a whole lot better.  I haven't used it on my hair as yet, but I have on my skin and I can say that my skin literally drinks it up, so I know that this means yes my skin is feeling dry and dehydrated but that my skin really needs this and benefits from good natural oils, I hope that when I'm 70 I look like I've looked after my skin and hopefully these natural products will be a result of it.

The great news is that if you fancy trying any of these products yourself then click onto my link here Eloquence

And use code JANUARYEQ you can get 20% off each individual product.

Laura x

This post contains press samples 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Philip Kingsley Sets and how they can change your hair

Philip Kingsley is a name that I hadn't heard of until my friend Jane who is hair obsessed introduced me to, and since then I haven't looked back and I always have one of his products in my stash.  So a quick little insight into who he is, well Philip qualified as a Trichologist in 1953 his quest for finding solutions for not only hair problems such as fine hair, lack of moisture and scalp problems.  His products don't mask the issues they actually help with the cosmetic issues but also help with resolving hair integrity.  His most iconic product I think and also hails huge accolade is Elasticizer, when Audrey Hepburn uses this products her whole life, then that gives you a little insight into how amazing it is.  The weird thing that I still can't get my hair/head around is that it is a pre shampoo treatment.  The product is thick and creamy and I usually rub into my hair in the morning and leave in all day, if I'm not planning on going anywhere and then wash out later in the day.  If you have abused or damaged your hair like I have trust me your hair will appreciate this so much.

I was foolish into thinking stupidly that as their products general it come in small that they won't last long, but you literally only need a little bit of product and a little goes a long way.
So when it comes to does size matter with an eyebrow raised absolutely not I'm this case.

I'm also a fan of their daily extreme defence I spray this on my hair mostly every day and it helps against damage from using heat, such as straighteners and hair dryers.
As we are flying full stream into 2016 I'm hoping this little lot will sort out and re strengthen my hair and if you have tried it yourself and like it comment below.

Laura x

Sunday, 10 January 2016

My current mascara

When it comes to makeup what is your cannot live without? Is it foundation? Lipstick or mascara? Whatever it is I bet you have a favourite.  For me mascara is my ultimate favourite thing and makeup wise I can't live without it.  Mascara is the thing that for me makes my eyes go from asleep to awake, in other words a bit more awake looking well as much as someone in the middle aged section.
I literally go through mascara's like water and seem to be buying them a lot, and I'm normally quite loyal to my favourite ones, so when I had a new one over Christmas I couldn't wait to give it a whirl. Now this one has been doing the rounds for a while now but I didn't buy it as it was very hyped up so now that has all died down I thought I would see if I thought it deserved all the fuss.

I haven't even told you which one it is, it's YSL baby doll, I've never tried it before even in a sample, I've used YSL faux Cils before and liked that but never this one.  So what are my thoughts ..... I love it, I've used it continuously for two weeks now, I haven't had any evidence of clumping and it's made my eyelashes look much longer.  The colour is a rich black and the consistency is creamy,  I use an oil based cleanser to remove my makeup in the evening and I found this fine to remove my makeup.

Sorry I'm not smiling in the picture it looks a bit miserable but I'm not, but just wanted you to see how the mascara looked.  I was taking my children to the panto and I tried a different makeup look, I'm not entirely sure it worked but I do like my mascara.

Laura x