Sunday, 10 January 2016

My current mascara

When it comes to makeup what is your cannot live without? Is it foundation? Lipstick or mascara? Whatever it is I bet you have a favourite.  For me mascara is my ultimate favourite thing and makeup wise I can't live without it.  Mascara is the thing that for me makes my eyes go from asleep to awake, in other words a bit more awake looking well as much as someone in the middle aged section.
I literally go through mascara's like water and seem to be buying them a lot, and I'm normally quite loyal to my favourite ones, so when I had a new one over Christmas I couldn't wait to give it a whirl. Now this one has been doing the rounds for a while now but I didn't buy it as it was very hyped up so now that has all died down I thought I would see if I thought it deserved all the fuss.

I haven't even told you which one it is, it's YSL baby doll, I've never tried it before even in a sample, I've used YSL faux Cils before and liked that but never this one.  So what are my thoughts ..... I love it, I've used it continuously for two weeks now, I haven't had any evidence of clumping and it's made my eyelashes look much longer.  The colour is a rich black and the consistency is creamy,  I use an oil based cleanser to remove my makeup in the evening and I found this fine to remove my makeup.

Sorry I'm not smiling in the picture it looks a bit miserable but I'm not, but just wanted you to see how the mascara looked.  I was taking my children to the panto and I tried a different makeup look, I'm not entirely sure it worked but I do like my mascara.

Laura x