Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year Goals Realistic Or Not

Happy new year all, cannot believe we are into 2016 and it's my 42nd year sobs into a pillow, puts matchsticks on eyes, extra strength anti ageing cream, no not really, but if your like me do you go into a new year thinking right I'm giving up this this and this and going to do this this and this, well me to but NOT this year.

This is not to say I haven't bought items to make changes I have BUT I'm not going to try and make unrealistic changes.  For me I always wake up on New Year's Day in a panic, thinking ok I'm going to be skinny this year, save like mad, be fit, try and be more forgiving blah blah but I get to end of January and give up and feel like a total failure.  So for me as much as I want to make changes I am not going to put myself unrealistic goals, yes I have bought the usual saving pot as in my picture and again I've bought a pretty one, as I can generally convince myself that I will not smash it open as it's too pretty, but do you know what I will be saving in it, but if I smash it open in say March then so what, it doesn't mean I'm a failure it means I need the money out of it.
I also have bought myself trainers, and I'm not a fan of trainers at all, but my last pair of trainers I owned my daughter said they were a right show up, yes they were branded but gone past the modern stage, so what reason have I bought new ones, is it to become a fitness guru, no chance, I actually really liked the trainers, shock horror, and if I did happen to go to New York again I would be taking these with me, as they are so light weight, and actually smart, they are black Nike Roche trainers and I got them in the sale from Size, so I couldn't not get them. After trekking 30 miles in New York even in flat shoes my poor feet looked like them had been through a boxing ring by the time I had got home.

So if you are setting yourself goals for this year that's fine you go with it, but I know from my own experience I never stick to any of them, so my plan for this year is to try and make the changes that I want to, but if I fall off the wagon even slightly then I'm not a failure and nor are you, it just means just try again and make smaller goals, it doesn't have to be because it's a new year, if you decide you want to try again in April then you do that.  But I just know for me and my own experience I cannot stick to unreasonable goals but smaller changes may be better for me.

Happy new year beauts

Laura x