Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Kardashian Beauty Hair Range

There is no denying unless you have been hiding under a rock the family known as the Kardashians have been pretty influencal in an number of ways from the "selfie" to endorsing a wide range of products.  Perfect embassadors for a range of hair products with their gorgeous salon enviable hair, shiny and sleek although my favourite being Khloes, with her edgier blonde bob it's right up my addicted to scissors nature. So with all this to the forefront they bring us their range of hair products called Kardashian Beauty, the design is actually really classy looking which I'm going to be hundred percent honest did surprise me, as a lot of other celebrity inspired products come out and they are quite tacky looking.  The products are what I would describe to look at as high end salon worthy in sleek black bottles with a hint of rose gold colouring, they actually look amazing in my bathroom.

This hairline Is modestly priced between £9.50 and £14.50 and available to buy from cloud10beauty the formulas have been created with the input of the three sisters and has been tested and approved by them, and according to what has been said they actually use their own line.  If it's good enough for them it's good enough for me, that being said my daughter and her friends have been pinching the products and I've had to go and resurrect them from her room.

The first product I used was the Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream enriched with Black Seed Oil, this product helps to help with frizz and humidity so no more Monica from Friends jumps into my mind if you haven't seen that google it you will know what I mean, and most importantly helps against heat styling damage your hair drying and straighteners.  To use I put a really tiny amount in my hand and work through my damp hair, I have short hair so I use a smaller amount than suggested, and my daughter who has long hair uses the recommended small amount and likewise works into her thicker than my fine hair.  And then dry your hair as you normally do. I found this left my hair not feeling sticky but find and did help make my hair look less frizzy and frazzled.

Secondly an important part of my hair routine is a bit of mousse, so on to the K-body Volume Foam this one helps with as the description gives away a shot of volume to your hair, now this appeals to me so much as I have fine flat hair and really need volume, but the downside generally of products with volumising claims can leave my hair feeling sticky and gross, but this didn't, again I did use a really small amount and worked into damp clean hair, also enriched with Black Seed Oil to provide protein and strength to the hair, I dried my hair and my hair looked really full and much more full of body, it didn't last me all day, but I didn't think it would on my hair, and as the weather is currently at gale proportions I couldn't be overly critical of this I thought it was a really worthy product to rate as surprisingly true to claims.

My absolute favourite is the Black Seed Dry Oil this is actually a hair treatment, I know on the market it's literally saturated with oils, with oils really being the thing of the moment, and I can say I used to be petrified of using oils on my hair as I thought they would make my extremely fine hair look and feel really greasy, but used correctly and sparingly they can be amazing for your hair, this one is rich in nutrients and obviously the black seed oil,  I use this on damp hair and rub through the ends and not near my roots just to make sure that I don't get any oil on my scalp, equally you can use this on dry hair, for me to use on the damp hair is a good option as when my hair drys I find that my hair ends up a lot sleeker in texture as a blonde I don't have a natural shine to my hair, but as said my daughter has been pinching these, and I can tell you on her dark hair, her hair looked like glass lovely and glossy.  My daughters only complaint was that she thinks the dry seed oil smells like pepper which she hated, but for me I did think it smelt a little peppery but I absolutely love pepper so I couldn't care about that, but if your not a fan you may not like that.

Other products in this range are::: Pure Glitz Hair Spray, Take 2 Dry Shampoo, Take 2 Dry Conditioner, Twirl Me Curl Defining Cream Gel, and a selection of brushes and Combes.

I didn't have these products to review so I can't tell you how they perform, but if they are like the ones I have tried I can imagine they will be pretty good.

As mentioned these products are all available from and are currently in the sale so grab them now whilst they have money off.

*this post contains press samples