Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Your perfect mini break kit

Having just come back from a long weekend in Scotland I wished I had received this kit beforehand, because being a bit dizzy and completely forgetting the rules, I packed my hand luggage for the plane forgetting the liquid limit of 100ml, so at the airport I sadly had to have my deodorant, my face cleansers and my hair stuff chucked in the bin, I could have cried, totally my own fault though.  So coming home to a box of lovely travel sized but great quality products was very welcoming.
I haven't had the opportunity to go and visit family for a while so I was very excited, but I guess even if you stay with family or a hotel you still like your own stuff, and generally to use your own products so it's always nice to bring things from home.
I spent the weekend visiting family which was great but the weather was a bit shocking as it was a bit like torrential rain but hey hoh it could be worse,  and then there was the dash to the shops to get my deodorant and face wipes that I hate using, so it's taught me a big lesson next time be more organised and not to have my head in the clouds.
So having spend a day in one of my favourite cities Glasgow I shopped till my feet were nearly crying, and this prompts me to another issue, one that used to embarrass me, but actually it doesn't now as I know it's not my fault,  if I spend a long time out of the house I'm always conscious that I need to be able to find a toilet, now the reason for this in my situation, is three children later and the last one weighing in at 10lb I have suffered from bladder weakness since.  I used to absolutely cringe at the thought of even mentioning this, but after reading that up to 47% of British women suffer from it, I know I'm not the only one, so I do keep a Tena Lady in my bag after all I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus I know that it's a fact of life it's not embarrassing and is something to deal with.

So after spending an amazing weekend in one of my favourite places I flew back to a very windy Wales, the plane was rocking from side to side I kid you not, and all I can say is thank god for my Tena ladies the flight home alone nearly made me wet myself cough cough.

I love this picture of the monument in Merchant Square Glasgow it so reflects Glasgows humour

Laura xx

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

I have probably spoken about my one and only facial and that was a Dermalogica one, I remember having my faced mapped to target certain areas of concern ie dryness blotches etc, so after this I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for some of their products.  When I had been spotting a newness from them in the form of a primer with a Hydrablur in the title I was drawn right in.

So what does this do?

Blurs fine lines and pores
Mattifies oily skin
Locks in hydration

The product in itself is non smelling  and has quite a thick consistency and may take a little effort to work into your skin, you use after your moisturiser so this will help with the ease of working into
your face. You don't have to wait for it to set or anything you can then apply your foundation as
normal.  The key aims are to prolong the life of the foundation on your face, and also to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

For me with my weird combination skin I didn't find it erased fine lines but I did find it did seem to make the look of pores less noticeable, which incidentally i dislike the look of pores more than fine lines anyway.  Throughout the day my skin didn't grease up as much as normal and I felt like I didn't need to apply any powder throughout the day, so I didn't, what a bonus.. All in all a product I liked, my only gripe is you do need a bit more than you would think and you would use it up as it's only a small 22ml size,   Prices start at £32.50 so it's not the cheapest, so if you can grab a sample first just to make sure you will like it and your skin will, I do like it and will repurchase when it runs out.


*this post contains press samples 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to get thickness in fine hair

Hello guys, you may have read about my continuous quest to grow out my pixie and as I write it's at a really minging what are you doing with your hair stage.  I have nearly gone to the hairdressers and said cut it all off but I'll be back to square one.  So what to do with fine life less hair.  If any of you guys or gals are in this boat read on we may just have a little saviour.

If a product is good whether it's a budget or high end and I can afford it I will get it and give it a go,  despite reading reviews I like to give things ago myself and make my own judgement so decided to give Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray a try. I would consider this brand to be a more premium one as their products tend to be higher priced.  I decided to buy the smallest one just incase I didn't like it,  this came in at £9.50 for a 50ml size ordered direct from bumbleandbumble this is quite a small bottle but when I explain you don't need a lot.

Now the product is labelled as hairspray but I didn't find it worked for me like a hairspray, to me hairspray is something you spray lightly and hopefully your hair doesn't feel crunchy or sticky and stays in place.

Now I discovered there are two ways to use it, after you have washed your hair and it's damp or towel dried spray the product onto your hair and either air dry and then go to bed, once you wake up you may find your hair a little stuff so lightly brush out and style hopefully you will have some volume but you may need to put a hairspray over the top to keep it in place.  Or you can wash and towel dry spray a little product onto your hand and rub into your hair and then blow dry your hair as you normally would. I love the way my hair looks thicker this way, my only criticism is it's not a hairspray and you can have a crunch feel to your hair.  On the plus you only need a really small amount so once you get the hang of that you will realise the spray will actually be worth the price tag,      Also the volume you can get is amazing.  Would I buy it again yes I would but it looks like this one will last me ages.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Being healthy and are the slimming world meals nice

I make no secret of the fact I love food and chocolate being my favourite, but after now struggling with my weight for the last couple of years, I've made the decision that I have to sort it out, after being a small size 10 most of my adult life, and after having three children and me just generally eating crap I've noticed my weight slowly go up and then it just rocketed. I need do make changes and I hope writing this post will be good for others and therapy for me, so if I feel like I'm going to go off the wagon again I can read this back to myself and it will give me the kick I need.  Thing is it's not just that I feel horrible in myself I feel unhealthy and I am wearing the same clothes as I can't fit into my existing nice ones.  My issue is I strive to be healthy and then I think stuff it and literally do stuff it into my mouth and I could quite easily eat a packet of chocolate digestives in one go then I feel terrible and why can't I just eat one or two biscuits.  So this is why I've decided to give slimming world another go.  I just want to say this post is written off my own back and I'm not being paid or sponsored to write my views.

I went into my local Iceland a few months ago as I heard they were stocking Slimming World meals they didn't have a big selection at that time, however I went in last week and what a difference the choice was much better.  I thought it would be a good idea to stock up on some meals as if I haven't got time to cook for myself from scratch then I can pop a meal in the microwave.  The worst thing about trying to lose weight and be healthy is feeling hungry and with these meals luckily I find they are quite filling so no danger of that so far.  My favourite meal is the Beef Chana Saag I really like this one, nice chunks of beef and lots of chick peas, there is also a chicken version of this which I like, there are cottage pies, bolognese meals, pasta dishes, and other different curries.  I picked up some soups also for lunch my favourite being carrot and coriander, and not only that when you think I can't deal with all the health I need a cheat day, they only do sausages and burgers in the range to get in there.  They are quite reasonably priced I think at £3.00 a meal and there was an offer when I bought my lot, buy three meals at £3.00 and you get two packs of Muller yoghurt free.  My friend in work likes cooking these meals herself so another colleague gives her the packaging as the full list of ingredients and how to cook is on there.  I much rather the convenience of shoving these in the microwave.

So let's hope I can stick with this, I have to really and I will keep you updated on my progress.  But if your in the same boat or a similar one to me you should give these a try.

Laura x