Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to get thickness in fine hair

Hello guys, you may have read about my continuous quest to grow out my pixie and as I write it's at a really minging what are you doing with your hair stage.  I have nearly gone to the hairdressers and said cut it all off but I'll be back to square one.  So what to do with fine life less hair.  If any of you guys or gals are in this boat read on we may just have a little saviour.

If a product is good whether it's a budget or high end and I can afford it I will get it and give it a go,  despite reading reviews I like to give things ago myself and make my own judgement so decided to give Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray a try. I would consider this brand to be a more premium one as their products tend to be higher priced.  I decided to buy the smallest one just incase I didn't like it,  this came in at £9.50 for a 50ml size ordered direct from bumbleandbumble this is quite a small bottle but when I explain you don't need a lot.

Now the product is labelled as hairspray but I didn't find it worked for me like a hairspray, to me hairspray is something you spray lightly and hopefully your hair doesn't feel crunchy or sticky and stays in place.

Now I discovered there are two ways to use it, after you have washed your hair and it's damp or towel dried spray the product onto your hair and either air dry and then go to bed, once you wake up you may find your hair a little stuff so lightly brush out and style hopefully you will have some volume but you may need to put a hairspray over the top to keep it in place.  Or you can wash and towel dry spray a little product onto your hand and rub into your hair and then blow dry your hair as you normally would. I love the way my hair looks thicker this way, my only criticism is it's not a hairspray and you can have a crunch feel to your hair.  On the plus you only need a really small amount so once you get the hang of that you will realise the spray will actually be worth the price tag,      Also the volume you can get is amazing.  Would I buy it again yes I would but it looks like this one will last me ages.