Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Your perfect mini break kit

Having just come back from a long weekend in Scotland I wished I had received this kit beforehand, because being a bit dizzy and completely forgetting the rules, I packed my hand luggage for the plane forgetting the liquid limit of 100ml, so at the airport I sadly had to have my deodorant, my face cleansers and my hair stuff chucked in the bin, I could have cried, totally my own fault though.  So coming home to a box of lovely travel sized but great quality products was very welcoming.
I haven't had the opportunity to go and visit family for a while so I was very excited, but I guess even if you stay with family or a hotel you still like your own stuff, and generally to use your own products so it's always nice to bring things from home.
I spent the weekend visiting family which was great but the weather was a bit shocking as it was a bit like torrential rain but hey hoh it could be worse,  and then there was the dash to the shops to get my deodorant and face wipes that I hate using, so it's taught me a big lesson next time be more organised and not to have my head in the clouds.
So having spend a day in one of my favourite cities Glasgow I shopped till my feet were nearly crying, and this prompts me to another issue, one that used to embarrass me, but actually it doesn't now as I know it's not my fault,  if I spend a long time out of the house I'm always conscious that I need to be able to find a toilet, now the reason for this in my situation, is three children later and the last one weighing in at 10lb I have suffered from bladder weakness since.  I used to absolutely cringe at the thought of even mentioning this, but after reading that up to 47% of British women suffer from it, I know I'm not the only one, so I do keep a Tena Lady in my bag after all I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus I know that it's a fact of life it's not embarrassing and is something to deal with.

So after spending an amazing weekend in one of my favourite places I flew back to a very windy Wales, the plane was rocking from side to side I kid you not, and all I can say is thank god for my Tena ladies the flight home alone nearly made me wet myself cough cough.

I love this picture of the monument in Merchant Square Glasgow it so reflects Glasgows humour

Laura xx