Sunday, 6 March 2016

Phenotype city protection Cream Review*

I make no secret of the fact I love skincare, my worst fear is to wake up looking like a shrivelled up prune so I really try and look after my skin.  And if your a younger reader and your mum nags you to wash your face every day then do it, and make sure you moisturise and use sun screen to, because your skin will love you for it.
I love getting emails through especially if they are about makeup and skincare so when one popped in my in box for me to try a new product I was well up for that.  The product is called City Protection by an Italian brand who derive everything from the packaging to the product from Italy.
The ingredients offer plant extracts and olive oil for hydration and aloe Vera for softness also Chamomile for it's calming and smoothness. I suffer on times from sensitive skin so this is why I was drawn to this product.  Also the fact that this product helps for mature skin and yes I am now in this category.

I have been testing out this product for just over two weeks and I really like it. I normally wash my face in the morning pump some product and massage into my skin before makeup and go from there. I normally massage in circular motions and job done.  Sometimes I get too heavy handed by moisturisers and creams and think if I put more on I will glow more or a line will disappear if I put more on, but I'm trying to not do that anymore, and you literally need to do as it says on the tin one pump or two and your done.

So if your like me you like to look after your skin and like natural products and a brand who are against animal testing then check out Phenotype


*this post contains press samples