Monday, 11 April 2016

Dealing with children who are growing up quick

Hey guys I generally do write makeup and skincare posts and hair obsessive ones as I love all those things but as a mum sometimes I like to add a parent related post every once in a while.
I have three children aged now nearly 14,11 and 7.  Generally all reasonably behaved children with totally different and funny personalities obviously as they are all different but now they are getting older they are definitely finding their feet in life.
My daughter who is nearly 14 is quite good at the moment and I hope she doesn't change but who knows, my middle child is the boy who is 11 is proving to be a lot more challenging he's really finding his feet and is very strong willed and cheeky.  He's very very stubborn and is really acting like Kevin from the sitcom Kevin and Perry.  Omg sometimes he can be the most amazing sweet natured kind boy and then a second later it's like a thunder bolt and he goes nuts.  I always thought girls grew up being harder work than boys but to be fair I'm finding the boys tougher.

Not only that all activities now I suggest to the kids apart from my little one, they roll their eyes and ask if friends can come.  I think to myself NO I want you all to myself.  And they want to do stuff with their friends all the time and not me.  It's so disappointing but I think in my head they are still so reliant on me but the truth is they are to a certain extent but they are growing up and I have to let them.  But I can honestly say omg what a blink of an eye them being born and then nursery and literally they are as they are now it's unreal.   But as I was saying back to my middles ones stroppy antics how do I deal with it.  Sometimes I feel like crying and sometimes I feel like screaming but a couple of deep breaths and counting to 100 I'm ok.

I bet if you have growing children you will identify with this.