Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spring clean your skin

Well hello lighter nights warmer days and brighter clothes spring is a lovely time of year. As much as I love Winter there's something nice about going to work in the daylight and coming home in it to.
So with spring time here what does that mean for your skin?

Warmer days means to some people less makeup as warm weather can make makeup slide and slip off the skin which is never a good look, and also make eyeliner run and make you end up looking panda like at the end of the day to.  There are lots of things you can do to prevent that.  Such as putting a primer underneath your foundation which will not only hydrate your skin but make your makeup last longer.  And also a good powder underneath your eyes is a good idea to, as it will prevent your eyeliner budging.  But be careful in choosing your powder as you don't want to make that area look caked as that will look a lot worse.

Don't forget to chose your skincare with an SPF as this is so important with the increased sunlight.  If your struggling with hydration for your skin a facial mist is nice, and can be really hydrating if your skin feels clammy and sticky.

You may have a selection of products you love as I do, but I also like to change up my products from time to time, as I do get bored and fed up of some and then I use something else and think why I did I change!!!!!

There are a few new products I've seen released from Tarte that I like the look of and also a new range of skincare from elemis

Thanks for reading

Laura x