Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Skin care faves from Liz Earle

Well after seeming to have endured winter for more months than it should be, the sun actually made a huge appearance over the bank holiday which I think is generally unheard of, what a bank holiday without rain. That doesn't happen well it did this year. So sun being out and payday it was a good weekend and I hope you had one to. This weekend I bought some Liz Earle Favourites to keep my skin looking healthy and to help look after it.
I bought the famous cleanse and polish which unless you don't read blogs, magazines or walk around with your eyes taped shut you would have heard of.  I love it because I like a hot cloth cleanse for my skin especially when removing makeup, I like the blend of natural ingredients such as Rosemary, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus, which all have lovely soothing and calming properties.  I like the fact that Cleanse and Polish is good for any age young and old, my daughter who is 14 uses it to, well she actually pinches it from me.  She likes the creamy texture and the clean feeling you get once you have washed your face.
This time I picked up the Instant Boost Skin Tonic to, I haven't had this before but I figured would be nice to use with the cleanse and polish.  Again natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile to soothe and refresh your skin.

I can't wait to start using these especially the tonic as I haven't used it before, and I think judging on how much I like the cleanse and polish I hope I feel the same about the tonic to.

Hope you have enjoyed this post

Laura x

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hair extensions my first experience

As you all know as I have been bleating on for months I had my hair cut into a pixie cut in October and regretted it so much, and been miserable ever since, so Friday just gone I took the plunge and went in to have hair extensions.  I have always wanted extensions but been too scared to have them for lots of reasons but I mustered up the courage and thought right lets just do it.

Sorry about the miserable face but this is what I started with a still very short hairstyle, but long in terms with what I did have.

And this is my final result it's obviously not to everyone's cup of tea, but I'm happy with it, I feel like a girl again which I didn't with my ultra short hair,  and at the end of the day you have to do what helps and builds your confidence back up and this has helped build mine from on the floor to a better level,.. After all I am 42 years old and need as much help as I can.  

Laura x

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

St Tropez Self Tan Express* Review

Hello guys hope your all well and wherever you are reading this from you are getting a bit of sun...that is if you like it...Now we all know the massive dangers of sitting in the sun so why not fake it.....I am a massive fan of fake tan but things that put me off are the biscuity smell, streaks and an imprint of brown in my bed.  I'm sure they might be reasons that put you off to.
In today's updated world and technology tanning has improved so much with formulations that give you a rich tan in super quick time.

So with time being no ones friend we all want quick fixes, so with this in mind I was lucky enough to be sent over some self tanners from St Tropez.  I have used St Tropez for many years you know the traditional bottle in white when they just had the basic range out, by that I mean not basic by any means but with all there different formulations now it was there firsr edition.  So this one is there Self Tan Express which promises a light tan after an hours application a medium colour after two an a dark tan after three hours. Application is easy and I just simply pump the mousse onto my tanning mitt and apply.  As the colour is quite dark on application you can see what you are dealing with, so ideal when rubbing into your skin as you definitely do not want the tell tale streaks,

When I apply mine I use it in the day and carry on as usual in whatever I'm doing and shower off after three hours.  I didn't notice any minging smells and loved the deep but natural colour I was left with.  One of my firm favourites and perfect for getting your tan on especially super quick.

Laura x

*this post contains press samples

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Quick summer copper gold makeup look

Yay this weekend has seen a mass of rain but amongst that there's been some sun and the sun was hot, so not wanting to miss out on any of this but still wanting to do a makeup look then here are a few products I've used to create a nice (in my opinion) soft copper gold look perfect for summer.

If the sun is out you don't want your makeup to slide off your face as there's no point in applying it otherwise so I would use a primer there are loads around from budget to premium I'm currently using a Dermalogica one.  Don't forget sunscreen either but whatever you use make sure that you allow time for it to soak in. So apply your base a tinted bb cream may be nice depending on how much coverage you need today I used YSL Fusion Ink as it's light weight and doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin, I use a separate concealer.

These were my staples to create the look I used Mac Coppering eyeshadow which Is a deep rusty colour and I applied that up to my crease, I lined my eye in one of my favourite eyeliners called Burgundy Suede by Estée Lauder, I used this to line my eyes, burgundy is a nice eyeliner as it will

make blue eyes pop, I don't have blue eyes but it's great for hazel brown and green eyes which I do fit
in to.  To give my skin a faux glow I used the lovely skin Perfector from Becca in Champagne Pop created by Jaclyn Hill.  I can understand the fuss when I got it, the glow is amazing and you literally need only the tiniest amount ever.

Trust me at my age it's really hard to get a glow so anything I can buy that will help I will.  I like products that are quick easy and work.

And last but not least I used a neutral but pretty lipstick from Chanel called Plumetis it's one of my favourite shades for a neutral look, the lipstick doesn't feel drying and it's a go to lipstick for days when you can't decide on what shade to go for.

Hope you like the look 

Laura x

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Birthday celebrations and my night out

Who says getting older is no fun, well each year I aim to have more fun and more fun.  So Friday was my 42nd birthday and I will say as much as I used to love clubbing and a wide range of house music, these days I prefer to go for a nice meal and drinks with friends.  I generally head into Cardiff where there are loads of lovely pubs and places to eat, but Friday I stayed local. My home town is having a bit of a regeneration so there are a few better places to go and eat than there used to be.
We headed down to our local Smokehouse where a selection of food is served that has been cooked the good old american way by two Irish ladies who literally have worked there asses off to present what they have learned.  We walked in and where greeted by a friendly welcome which is always nice.  Had a quick look round and thought instantly how nice the place looked. And to cut a long story short I ordered brisket beef with burnt ends, this arrived and omg looked amazing, served on a huge slice of garlic bread and drizzled in a BBQ sauce, I couldn't wait to try it, the beef melted in my mouth and I knew I'd chosen the right main. None of my friends ordered it they all ordered different things and normally I look at what everyone else has and want that but this time I didn't.  I loved every mouth full.
Two gin and tonics later and I thought sod it I'm having a dessert so ordered key lime pie which again was so good, I was well and truly stuffed.  I can completely see why this place has been booked solid for months I totally get why.

So we popped next door to my local expression bar and had a expresso martini which was amazing.

I had the best birthday ever and loads of amazing presents.

Laura x