Sunday, 1 May 2016

Birthday celebrations and my night out

Who says getting older is no fun, well each year I aim to have more fun and more fun.  So Friday was my 42nd birthday and I will say as much as I used to love clubbing and a wide range of house music, these days I prefer to go for a nice meal and drinks with friends.  I generally head into Cardiff where there are loads of lovely pubs and places to eat, but Friday I stayed local. My home town is having a bit of a regeneration so there are a few better places to go and eat than there used to be.
We headed down to our local Smokehouse where a selection of food is served that has been cooked the good old american way by two Irish ladies who literally have worked there asses off to present what they have learned.  We walked in and where greeted by a friendly welcome which is always nice.  Had a quick look round and thought instantly how nice the place looked. And to cut a long story short I ordered brisket beef with burnt ends, this arrived and omg looked amazing, served on a huge slice of garlic bread and drizzled in a BBQ sauce, I couldn't wait to try it, the beef melted in my mouth and I knew I'd chosen the right main. None of my friends ordered it they all ordered different things and normally I look at what everyone else has and want that but this time I didn't.  I loved every mouth full.
Two gin and tonics later and I thought sod it I'm having a dessert so ordered key lime pie which again was so good, I was well and truly stuffed.  I can completely see why this place has been booked solid for months I totally get why.

So we popped next door to my local expression bar and had a expresso martini which was amazing.

I had the best birthday ever and loads of amazing presents.

Laura x