Tuesday, 17 May 2016

St Tropez Self Tan Express* Review

Hello guys hope your all well and wherever you are reading this from you are getting a bit of sun...that is if you like it...Now we all know the massive dangers of sitting in the sun so why not fake it.....I am a massive fan of fake tan but things that put me off are the biscuity smell, streaks and an imprint of brown in my bed.  I'm sure they might be reasons that put you off to.
In today's updated world and technology tanning has improved so much with formulations that give you a rich tan in super quick time.

So with time being no ones friend we all want quick fixes, so with this in mind I was lucky enough to be sent over some self tanners from St Tropez.  I have used St Tropez for many years you know the traditional bottle in white when they just had the basic range out, by that I mean not basic by any means but with all there different formulations now it was there firsr edition.  So this one is there Self Tan Express which promises a light tan after an hours application a medium colour after two an a dark tan after three hours. Application is easy and I just simply pump the mousse onto my tanning mitt and apply.  As the colour is quite dark on application you can see what you are dealing with, so ideal when rubbing into your skin as you definitely do not want the tell tale streaks,

When I apply mine I use it in the day and carry on as usual in whatever I'm doing and shower off after three hours.  I didn't notice any minging smells and loved the deep but natural colour I was left with.  One of my firm favourites and perfect for getting your tan on especially super quick.

Laura x

*this post contains press samples