Saturday, 25 June 2016

Alterna caviar moisture shampoo and conditioner

Hey hope your all well, I still have my extensions in and loving them, I did find them initially quite strange as I had gone from short to long hair in about three hours.  I did also find washing them and styling them strange to, but like everything you get used to it.  When I had my extensions fitted the lady have me a pack advising me how to care and look after them, I was pleased to see in the pack they advised using specific shampoos and conditioners and one of the recommendations was the shampoo and conditioner I already owned.  Now this range is by no means the cheapest and you can't get it in your local supermarket but as long as you don't mind that, that's fine.  I will say if you do decide to give them a go, the bottles are not huge but as the product is so rich you don't need much at all.  I normally go over board with products especially shampoo and use way more than I should but with this you really don't need to.

The formulation is rich and creamy and feels lovely to use, hope that doesn't sound strange but I mean it's so creamy you don't have to do much to get lovely clean hair. Not only that it's not filled with horrible nasties to ruin your hair and fill it up with gunk.  I think if your suffering from dry and damaged hair this will be perfect to inject some life in your hair.

If your thinking of having extensions and take the plunge then it's important as looking after your own real hair looking after them, you need to condition them and try to not use too much heat on them.

Laura xx