Monday, 27 June 2016

First impressions Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick

Hey guys I haven't bought makeup for a little while so I decided to get some my firsr purchase was a Brightening Brick from Bobbi Brown in the shade Tawny.  I couldn't decide in the shop to get Tawny or Pink took me ages, probably getting on the girls nerves in the shop and sticking my finger in each square to see the colour pay off.  So eventually I bought Tawny, don't get me wrong I want the pink one to but thought I would use Tawny everyday.

The Brightening Bricks are very similar to the old school shimmer bricks that Bobbi Brown do but I actually prefer the Bricks personally.  I would warn you do not drop these as the product will break and you will be devastated, I did do it to my shimmer bricks and was so gutted, I am very careful with this brick as I don't want that to happen.

The packaging is fine, very minimalist in the traditional white lettering of Bobbi Brown, does get covered in finger prints but that doesn't bother me.  It's made of a plastic material which again is fine doesn't bother me.

And there you go a nice array of lovely colours, I simply swirl my brush in them all and tap off any excess then sweep onto my cheeks.

And this is the finished look, you do get a nice glow from the blush, but I didn't find it too much
Or too glittery and I found that it lasted pretty well on my face considering I do have oily skin.

Laura x