Monday, 13 June 2016

Mens health week with TENA* Men

Hi guys hope your all well, this week is Mens Health Week which coincides quite nicely with Fathers Day this coming Sunday, so with this in mind and my love of talking about things that some class as taboe and make you (and ok even me pre being forty) blush il talk about some "men things' later on.

So I teamed up with TENA and health week runs from today June 13 - 19th and everyday this week looks at different ways that men can do things to improve there health.  Reports have shown that most men if they have any health concerns they are more likely to deal with it themselves than go to the doctors, and one in five admitted that they last had a check up over two years ago. I liken this to a car, if your car was making noises or playing up would you leave it or just carry on driving it till it burnt out, not likely so the same apples to health, you would or should go and check yourself checked out if something doesn't feel right.
TENA sent me a fab humongous kit which I've pictured bits of below to kick start the week here we go.

Hopefully you can see the box was rammed with great stuff, my particular favourite which made me crack up must be my mind, was the below the belt kit!!!! So who knew you guys could have a kit to stay fresh and clean down below (cough cough)   And a product called the Waterless Shower Groin Cleanser which basically is the equivalent of our dry shampoo for hair.  It appears that a lot of men like to keep themselves  neat and tidy in most departments.

A water bottle was provided with the aim to ensure that fluids water being ideal are drank to keep hydrated, just as important for women also, and men need to endure they are equally as hydrated, to ensure a healthy bladder and a balanced lifestyle.  

I'm actually educating myself but I didn't realise that men to suffer from urine leakage at some point and one in four over 40 have experienced this.  Some men have actually said they would give up the gym for a whole year than admit to this.  This makes me feel sad to read, as I did think it was just women who experienced things like this, but men do to,  TENA have a product called TENA men protective shield which would keep this right in check.   Fancy a sample no questions asked click 

Another thing that is hugely important that I received in the box is deodorant and staying cool and calm, men face stress just like us (ok we cope better) but staying calm is important for stress levels and healthy hearts. So whether in work, at the gym or whatever your doing Deodorant is so important as is choosing the right one, but please always wear it!!!! There is nothing worse than a smart man, or boy or any male with sweat patches so extremely important choose a good tough hard working one.  

Have a good week guys stay healthy and groomed we love you for it.


*pr sent for consideration for review