Saturday, 16 July 2016

DHC Eye Zone Care Pack*

I was recently sent an eye care by the brand DHC after previously using there skin oil I was quite excited to try them.  Something to help care for your eyes is good in my books.  Also with claims to improve fine lines puffiness and elasticity in one treatment is also right up there.

So the packet arrived as my picture and I cut it open to reveal a little plastic pouch as below.  Neatly packaged are your eye masks.  Now cleansing and toning first is the plan. Then carefully place the masks neatly under your eyes.  Neatly is not something I'm great at and once I put mine on I looked

like I had stepped off the cast of Casualty.  I almost couldn't see at one point and I had placed it so
wrongly by my eye it was pulling my lid down.  Not the masks fault it was all mine.

Now after the week I've had and wake ups at 4am every morning and not being able to get back to sleep my poor eyes looked so puffy and tired and if you feel tired and see that you also look tired it makes you feel much worse, it does me anyway and I'm sure you do to. So give me the eye masks.

Now don't they look funny, but trust me once you get the hang of the correction application shove them on, watch tv for ten minutes and done.  Any excess cream that's left under your eyes rub gently in and take a look.  I did feel that my skin and under eye area felt soothed and more refreshed unlike the dry desert like feeling it had been before.  Would i use them again yes I would. 


*sent for consideration for review