Saturday, 27 August 2016

Where have I been???

Hello guys hope you are all well, I have really missed writing but needed a bit of time out, I have had some family issues and some really bad issues with my health. I don't make any secret of the fact I have really bad depression I don't find it embarrassing to discuss anymore, I used to but don't now. But as of the last month mine has been so bad for the last month I have barely left the house apart from going to work and I have not even seen my friends,  I did brave the doctors and they upped my medication straight away, to be honest for me this was probably a very good option, although it doesn't work for all.  With depression it's one where people think that if you outside visually look fine and don't smell and brush your hair then your fine, but people don't realise how debilating the illness is.  It really can be an awful thing.  I did go to Scotland early July to visit family and felt quite good for that, I tried to upload my pictures on a post but I can't get my old brain around the new blogger format.
But I came back and haven't felt good at all,  I do hate it when people say to you oh my god what on earth do you have to be miserable about, well yes agreed any onlooker can rightly think that but they cannot see off feel what you as a person feel like inside.
But now as we are heading towards the end of August I do feel a tiny bit better, I have forced myself to get out with my children and I mean literally forcing myself and I do think it's true you have to force yourself as staying in makes me feel worse in the long run, although when your in the middle of it , it really doesn't make a difference to your mood if you are in or out.

But anyway I am really trying to keep everything positive but if you to suffer from this you will know where I'm coming from, there are no age limits no barriers no class that are unaffected it can affect all.

Laura x