Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Algenist Anti Ageing Review

Hey guys bit of a skincare post which is one of my favourite things to talk about other than chocolate so as I'm heading into my 43rd year gulp I am really stepping up my skincare regime particularly when it comes to anti ageing.  I purchased a set from QVC called Algenist I had actually never heard of this brand before but figured after reading a lot of reviews this line would be right up my street.  So I bought the whole set on a easy pay option from QVC which basically means you get the whole lot and can pay it off in little bits each month.

So here is what I start with the Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser in the morning, to apply I wet my skin and lather gently into my skin.  The cleanser is gentle yet effective and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry.  The anti ageing factor in here is Alguronic Acid which is extracted from algae.  Algenist products are said to promote tight wrinkle free skin over time.  I actually like the
cleanser as I feel it's creamy and gentle to my skin doesn't leave it feeling dry but you do get the
feeling of tightening not in the drying sense but In a hopefully good way steering toward keeping the skin looking fresh and healthy.

After I have washed my face I never ever not use moisturiser so I use my Regenerative Anti Ageing Moisturiser.  A few people have complained they don't like the smell of this, I can give or take it, it's not floral or particularly over powering and not off putting in  my opinion but I understand some people prefer things or sometimes be fragrance free.  I think I would prefer a pump with the moisturiser as once you open the bottle I feel like a lot of ingredients will become less effective, but that said I love the fact the moisturiser is lightweight and sinks into my skin well, plus I like the fact that if I use the products in conjunction with each other.  I wake up in the morning and my skin looks glowy in the morning.  I apply this on my face and neck I sometimes forget to put moisturiser on my neck but I'm really trying to remember as I don't want a neck like a crocodile.  I don't use this every night I use this every other as personally I feel this suits my oily skin best.

And last but not least I absolutely love eye creams especially if they work.  The Algenist eye cream is rich and enriched with Alguronic Acid Vitamin C and Caffeine which added together are to combat puffiness and dark circles.  With a blend of Aloe Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts provide nourishment to the fragile eye area. I actually can use this morning and evening it's great as a primer to my eye area before makeup as yet it hasn't made my eye makeup run or move, but then i always use a loose powder underneath just for added protection.  It really Is one of my favourite eye creams as it's light and yet nourishing.  I don't suffer from dark circles yet as my sleep pattern is rubbish it is helping me with my bags.

Hope you enjoyed this post 

Laura x