Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How to get a beach wave not curls

Hello guys well we have been forecast snow so I'm so excited to go to sleep as il be waking up like a loon to run to the window to see if we have any and then so disappointed if we don't. So eating a bounty cookie and writing at the same time.
Now if you know me I won't need to explain but if you don't, I had my hair cut into a pixie crop a year ago and have been growing it out frantically with the help of hair extensions which to date I still have in.  So for work I tie my hair into a loose bun but if I go out I like it wavy but not always curly, my niece is an amazing hairdresser and recommended to me to try the GHD hair curve wave wand.  I did think ok so the straighteners are literally amazing and like the Mercedes of hair straighteners so with that and my nieces recommendation I bit the bullet and bought them.

So this is what it looks like, mine is quite a small barrel and slims down to a point at the end, if you are a novice then I would recommend getting the heat protecting glove so you don't burn your hand.  It is actually easy to use once you decide what sort of wave you want.  As usual with heat appliances a heat protective spray is recommended, before you use.  So there you go make your way through your hair as you would with any kind of curling/wave tools and voila.  I use a heat protector spray at

the moment I have a GHD one and then once I have done my hair I spritz with ORIBE Texturizer as I
love it, it smells lovely and I like the way my waves fall once I have worked it through my hair.

Ooh look at the smily face not ha ha, but that is an example of the waves you get with this beauty I love it, though I did burn my hand once but that was my fault, the heat up is quick indicated by a little bleep when you turn the button on and likewise when you turn it off, there is also a little raised ridge on the tool so that when your not using it you can put in on a heat protector mat and it won't burn your carpet or where you leave it.

I hope you can get a better view of the waves on this picture, if your lightly spritz your hair with a decent hairspray you can get a good few days out of these waves and non frizzy to.

Hope you like this post and find it helpful

Laura x