Saturday, 14 January 2017

Oribe texturising spray review

Hey guys still no snow for us unfortunately how much of a little kid am I, but it is really freezing so after a little running round and picking kids up and dropping them off I having a herbal tea along with a chocolate biscuit so half healthy anyway.  Now onto the post my thoughts on the very popular Oribe   
Texturising Spray.  I know this product has a bit of a cult status and a huge following so I kind of stayed away from it mainly for two reasons one being it's not very purse friendly coming in at £40 for a full sized bottle which is hairspray size and you can pick up a travel size which comes in about £20.
The product is described as an invisable dry hair spray which builds in incredible volume and sexy texture.  Patented polymers absorb oil at the roots, leaving you with just - styled hair for day and nights.

So you start off with instant high hopes as the reviews are primarily very good for this, cased in a sleek beautiful bottle with a classy design it's perfect for your dressing table, and looks extremely upper class to use.  So how to use shake and spray where you need lift and volume, I usually use mine on hair that is two or three days in between washes as that to me is the point of this, I spray at my roots where I need it, and rub into my scalp..  I don't get any white patches or flakes left after using this, I wear a lot of navy and black so trust me I would be going nuts if I was covered in that, so I'm thankful you don't get that.  The smell is lovely and unique which I like on my hair.  Also as I have fine limp hair I need a volumising boost and for me this does work, it really is as perfect as it looks.

It is very pricey and I know there are alternatives which work equally as good but if you can stretch to the price then why not we all like a bit of luxe in our life.

Laura x