Saturday, 28 January 2017

Three days at Disneyland Paris

They say it's a kids dream to go to Disney but now I'm back I would say it's everyone's dream to go to Disney.  So let's get started on our trip, I've never been before and my children haven't either so I was desperate to go and to take them, so I booked it and didn't tell the children and surprised them by telling them a week before, why I did it a week before I'm not entirely sure because they literally couldn't sleep as they were so excited.  On the morning we went we had to get up at 5pm I couldn't sleep myself as I was so excited but did get up on time and then a mad rush to meet the coach as we were travelling to Paris by coach gulp.  I made sure I took plenty of snacks and iPads to keep the children entertained as the journey was estimated for 12 hours double gulp.  Actually it went really quick and we arrived at Disney, we checked in and I was staying  at Santa Fe Hotel.  Quick drink and we were out, it was quite cold and rainy but who cared as we were in Disney.

A quick stop in one of the Disney shops for accessories and we were off on a quick look at everything.

Anywhere else you couldn't get away with this look but at Disney anything is acceptable.  No amount of tiredness would stop any of us from staying out and exploring but we did need to go back to the hotel and we had a busy day ahead of us.  The next day we bounced between both parks universal and disney, as we had done a few fast passes, we wanted to get most of the big rides out of the way so we opted for Tower of Terror first, right now I queued for the ride and got to the top ready to go on and my nerves got the better of me so is linked off down the stairs I felt so gutted I couldn't do it.  My children came off bouncing and loving it.  So in my head I thought I need to do this ride at least before we leave.  The rest of the day we walked round trying to do as many things as we could and we did.  What we couldn't do we fast passed and had times to go back later in the day. After a really long but fun day we stopped for good in one of the many eateries in the park I can't remember the name but I know it was really expensive to eat there.  We then went and done our fast past rides which were Peter Pan and Pirates of the Carribean and then it was time for the wishes fireworks display.

I literally had a huge lump in my throat watching this as it really was one of the most magical things I've ever seen,  the children literally didn't speak but they were fixed on watching the fireworks.  To savour these moments I will never ever forget and I hope they don't either.   The next day again was a culmination of doing the rides that we hadn't done before so we did Ratatouille and I think it was one of my favourites it was amazing, and I would say if you are going and haven't gone before try your best to do it, it's visually amazing.  We tried to get back on it but it was so busy so I think other people had the same thoughts.  This time after we had done loads of rides we wanted to have a really good look in the shops as I wanted to buy some things to take home like mugs and presents and the obligatory fridge magets I couldn't help think how really expensive the shops were, lots of my friends told me it was and it really is but I was prepared for it.  I think it was the eating out that really was so so expensive but again people had warned me so I was prepared for that to.  

The days literally flew I have never known days to go that quick before they certainly don't when your in work, but on the way home we were all really tired, but I just looked at my pictures on my phone and couldn't help but think what an amazing amazing time.  This picture was from one of the parades everything was fab to watch and there was no little detail that was missed everything was so perfect.  And back to the Tower of Terror ride did I go on it yes I did the next day after the one I was far too scared to go on, I literally thought if my children can then I need to not be a wuss, let's just say my heart was nearly in my mouth on it, and I thought I was going to fly our of the seat and out if the building but obviously you don't, it was such a thrill ride, but I am so glad that I did it, my children thought I was so brave and for ten minutes after I had been on it, I was like the coolest mum ever.  I am sure I aged 50 years on that though.

Would I go back yes I would go tonight I literally loved it, when people have told me before how good it was I thought ah can it really be that good, yes it literally can memories last forever,  the only thing I would say is eat savvy as it is very expensive to eat out.  Take snacks for the day for the park, I took a small Robinsons Squeezy which I could put orange squash in water so the children had plenty to drink.  Wear warm clothes layers are better, and take comfortable shoes as you walk non stop.

Hope you liked this post.

Laura x