Saturday, 21 January 2017

Vicks Vapour Rub Things I Never Knew

So you may have noticed my little blog has had a few little changes and more obviously a new name, I will write a post telling you why and how I got the name soon.  I know this post is not makeup or hair related but another reason for the updated blog stuff I'm going to write about lots of different things but skincare hair and beauty are still my favourites,

Now you can see from my picture that my jar of Vicks is completely battered from regular use mainly for the children when they are full of cold I love it, rub it on there chests before bed so they can breathe more easily and also on the soles of their feet to also help with there breathing when they are blocked up through colds.  Now I had no idea on earth ever that you could use Vicks for anything other than that but I think I saw it in the Daily Mail that there was so many other uses.  Obviously  I'm not going to list and repeat like the paper but tell you a few uses that I am currently having a go with now.

First of all I use this on my feet, cringe you say and I hear you, but if you suffer from unsightly dry cracked heels which I do and I know it's vile, I blame my flip flops, but a few coats of this baby and shove your socks on off you go to bed and wake up in the morning and literally your feet really do soften and not only that but it does help the cracks.  Don't get me wrong they don't go away I am not actually sure of anything does make them go away but this certainly helps.  Yes it does smell but I like the smell I have had worse smelling treatments on my feet to help them and this is definitely nor one of them.  When you stick to it and use it regularly you absolutely do notice a significant improvement.

Now the next one I'm trialling is Acne, now I'm well away from my teenage years but my daughter isint she's 14 and really suffering from really bad acne at the moment I feel so sorry for her because it really knocks your confidence, I've been there and I know a lot of you will have to, other kids can be so cruel and she's been at the brunt of some vile comments, so after going to the doctors course of creams and anti biotics her poor face doesn't seem to be improving much, so at my wits end I did read that trying Vicks might alleviate the acne so I'm currently using this on my girl and I will report back to you as it's top early to let you know how it does.  I'm praying it actually does help.

Also I have read that Vicks is good for helping relieve migraines, and haven't tried this myself but if it works like it does on my feet I can imagine it may well be good.

So who knew a little bottle like this would have all these uses.

Laura x