Saturday, 7 January 2017

What I've been loving so far this year.

Happy new year beauts, I cannot believe we are in 2017 it's freaking me out but hey, I've spent today at football with my littlest and running round the other two, to meet with their friends I think I am officially a taxi, I'm more worried about how quickly they are growing up and don't need me so much.

Anyway back to the post, after christmas I thought I would round up things that I've loved and stood out to me over Christmas time and beyond into January, easily distracted today I keep looking at my living room windows wondering why there are no flashing fairy lights and realise my decs are down I miss my decorations.  So what have I liked this month well to start I really love the Palmolive new shower creams, I've got the Vanilla Pleasure one and I literally love this in the shower, I love the smell if you like vanilla then you will be a fan of this, if your not a vanilla fan then maybe not for you as the smell does linger on your skin after.  For me I found that the shower cream left my skin nice and soft so this is a winner for me bought it in on offer in Boots and it's so reasonable priced I know it comes in a chocolate version to, I would worry about this as I love chocolate so much I would be tempted to eat it and not use it in the shower, I'm not sure how I would find showering with a chocolate scent but that being said I haven't tried it so I can't knock it, though I would have difficulty going to sleep after showering with this on as I would want to go and get a bar of chocolate.

Next on the list is a product from Revlon which I am loving so much used it loads in December and I'm raving about it,   As a big fan of false eyelashes you need a decent glue, I had read good reviews about the Revlon precision clear lash adhesive so I bought it to try myself, it reminds me of a watered down Tippex the application is the same but on your eyelashes not to blot out mistakes, I found it so easy to apply, and my eyelashes stay put all night, and you cannot beat that on a night out thank god.  You don't get the dreaded curl up on the end of your lashes either so I'm definitely repurchasing this.

Onto lip gloss this is not a new find to me it's something I love and cannot be without although shamed to say I had ran out of it.  It's the Nars Chelsea Girls lip gloss, which the colour I absolutely love it's amazing.  I used to have it in a pot which I used with a lip brush to apply, but I now have it in the lipgloss with the applicator version and it's much easier to use. The colour is such a nice natural nude plus I find the gloss doesn't dry your lips out or leave your lips with the dreaded gloppy feel.

Pureology is the next now I bought this shampoo and conditioner as it's free of sulphates and rubbish that your hair doesn't benefit from, I still have extensions in after having my initial set in last year although I've had them cut up to shoulder length.  I have found this set lovely and moisturising for my hair, I have read a lot of people have commented they don't like the smell, I actually don't mind it, it's not over powering at all, it is expensive but on the plus you only need to use such a small amount  so you do get value for money unless your daughter uses the conditioner to put on her legs before shaving them grrrrrr.

Lastly but not least a product I've never owned or tried before Oribe Dry Texturising Spray this has got a cult following but the price point has put me off before, for a full sized bottle you are looking at £41 which is expensive for a Texturizer however I picked it up in the tiny travel sized size and I love it.  I have a mid length tousled style so this spray is perfect for me as in between washes I spray a little and scrunch into my hair and I have a nice manageable unfrizzy  tousled wave, trust me to like something that's price point is out my range at the minute, but I can say it's a fab product.

Hope you liked my round up of things I like so far.

Laura x