Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Armani Power Fabric Foundation First Impression

Hi guys Hope you are all well,   I haven't bought a new foundation for ages I have had about 6 different bottles on the go with tiny bits left as sometimes you can't see how much is left in them and I've been rotating them but I actually thought enough is enough I need to get ordering a foundation.  I was going to stick to my old faithful ones that I normally get but I had watched a youtube video from Lydia Millen and she was using the Armani Power Fabric foundation and I liked the look of it and description. 

So it came yesterday in lovely black packaging typically chic Armani, and the foundation itself is described as Long wear high cover foundation with an SPF of 25 which is amazing to protect your face from the damaging effects of the sun.  Described as lightweight a second skin finish but with full coverage.  There are 20 shades to suit all skin tones and the formula is adapted to deliver optimal coverage without cracking or dulling.  So is this true and how did it perform for me.

The shade I chose was number 4, I was a bit nervous as it's by no means a cheap foundation and I wasn't  going In to a store to get colour matched.  So I was thinking oh no what if it's too pale for me or what if it's too dark and I look like a Terry's chocolate orange and then what if it oxides in the day you know the usual worries so with all this  playing on mind I put it to the test this morning. Up early any blurry eyed for work here we go.

So here's my tired puffy 6am face which I prepped with a sweep of micellar water and my Kiehls moisturiser for my base, I put one pump of foundation on the back of my hand and then started to apply onto my face.  Application was fine you don't get a lot of stretch with the foundation due to the matte finish but I was ok with this considering I had just stuck to the one pump.  Easy to blend into my face and I was thrilled to see the colour match in my opinion was good for me.  My skin is oily to combination just for reference.  After I had applied the foundation there was a few minor areas that needed a bit more work but I could do this with concealer which was just by my nose. 

Sorry about the lighting but it's not great at 6am plus I can't focus myself that early ha ha, but you can hopefully tell that the foundation has covered the redness in my natural skin and I think it gives a very good natural but effective look to the skin

And this is me en route to work this is just before 8am and I think that colour match wise this is good plus I think that the look is nice and natural,  I love the feeling of this foundation as it truly feels light and airy and my skin didn't feel cakey or heavy but actually light and fresh.  Now as it's matte your face can actually look quite flat so I have applied a small amount of my bronzer which today I used Bobbi Brown and I had my trusted Becca Highlighter on.  I feel this just gives the skin the glow I want, but if you don't like a glow you don't need to do this.  If your a fan of a glow you may favour Armani Luminous Silk, but in my opinion I much prefer this one, it does remind me of another of my favourites Double Wear but to me this is far better.

And here we are at 4pm I have no shine really on my forehead and I hadn't powdered either, the only powder i did was set under my eyes to prevent creasing which I used my Laura Mercier Loose powder.  
So overall verdict is if you like a medium to high coverage foundation that feels light and airy with no glow then this is great for you.  If you prefer a more glowy complexion then Nars Sheer Glow may be more your bag or Armani Lumious Silk.  I happen to love this I didn't have any cakey flaky patches on my face.  And it did last me all day.  The only off putting factor is the price a jaw dropping £36 but we are talking Armani here plus as I only used a little bit it's sure to last me a while.

Hope you liked this post 

Laura xx