Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Three of my top thickening texture products for hair

Hey guys hope your well, my little man is off on a school trip to London tommorow so I've sat by him on his bed as he has to be up really early and like me he's no fan of early mornings.  So I thought I would tell you some products I've been loving lately for hair when you need some volume and texture, if your a thick haired gal or guy you might still love these for texture but if your a fine flyaway type like me these may be perfect for you.  So if you read my blog regularly you may know I have had hair extensions for a while but I took them out myself to rest my natural hair.  I had a good cut on my real hair which I love so now it's just down to me and the products eek.

First I've been loving Kerastase Spray a Porter described basically as a sea salt spray yet this is not a typical salt spray where you could be left with that sticky gluey feeling in your hair.  This actually gives the texture you need and want but still allows your hair to move as it's not all clumped together, the formular is lightweight and also is combined with a heat protector so your getting the benefits of protection from your hairdryer and styling tools plus you get the finish you want.  To use I wash and condition my hair as usual and towel dry I lightly spritz the spray through my hair I then rough dry my hair with the drier and then I usually pull through some curls with either my straighteners or a curling wand. I like this as it offers the heat protection plus the wavy tousled effect on my hair that I
am currently wearing, for me this was a winner as sprays like this can often leave my hair feeling
horrible and really weighing my fine hair down but this didn't and it didn't make my roots feel greasy
either.  I'm sure if your lucky to have more fuller hair this won't need to help with volume but can
give you that beachy look.

Secondly another product I've been using is from Wella called Sugar Lift* now I happen to like this line and I love the classic sleek packaging! now again for fine flat hair this will and can be your new best friend it's currently mine if it's not been placed in hiding away from my daughters thieving hands with her lovely long full hair she tells me she likes the smell grrrr,  so again if I'm changing up my products I will wash and towel dry my hair and use this before styling along with a heat protector. 
After my hair has dried I also use a bit at the root just for some extra sneaky volume and I feel like my full haired friends all bouncy for the day.  My daughter was right it does absolutely smell nice I cannot think of any negatives to say about this, it really is a must for creating lift and helps with texturised styles.

And lastly this one is from Aveda called Volumizing Tonic it actually looks and reminds me of something from the Pharmacy but don't be fooled, this little gem is typically Aveda in terms of plant extracts and is amazing for that fine fly away hair we are taking about.  Wash your hair and apply to the roots, only the roots and if your using a damage repair or heat protector use that at the ends and not where you have applied this. This is not a thickening treatment though I believe you can buy one from Aveda but this is the volume one and you certainly get volume, in truth for the first hour of going out I feel like my hair is huge and everyone is staring at it, but in reality of course it's not and it's not huge, it's just nicely volumised and bouncy which are two things I'm not used to with my hair.

So if your thinking of adding some sass and volume and or looking for a texure used look hopefully these reviews will help you to be able to make the most from your style.

Laura x

*was gifted as part of the looks for the Golden Globes by Wella