Saturday, 11 February 2017

Valentines Gift Ideas and Valentines Day as A Kid

Hey guys freezing day today been to my little mans football now wrapped up in the warm thinking about ideas for Valentines Day, I was really kindly sent a gorgeous little charm from tresorparis which is a red pair of ballet pumps and really really cute, I'd be happy with that as a gift they also have little flip flops and a stunning red stiletto which are priced between £14-19 which I have to say is very reasonable I am definitely going to buy the stiletto to complete the look on my charm bracelet.
I actually think it's quite difficult for men to buy their wives or girlfriends presents for Valentines Day as typically some may steer towards the safe chocolates and flowers but more is expected nowadays so a little gift like this is thoughtful plus a keepsake.

So what else could be nice as a valentines day gift well again it depends on budget but other ideas are perfume which is always nice,  a nice purse or scarf and my personal favourite very cliche but I love Lindt chocolates and they come in strawberry flavour which is literally amazing.  I like makeup as well and you can see from my photo I like a red lip sometimes to and my favourite Chanel red lipstick has had a battering and is nearly all gone.

So there really are so many cute little thoughtful gifts that you can get.  Ok embarrassing I know but when I was a child at school I used to get so excited for valentines day as I thought it was amazing and I used to every year run to the door to see if I would get any cards through the post but I never did, then I used to have a little butterfly in my stomach going to school praying I would get a card but I never ever ever did.  I was always so disappointed but looking back now I can clearly understand why I didn't, I had a boys crop for hair and terrible acne, and all the pretty girls and popular girls used to leave school practically needing a suitcase for all there balloons and gifts.  Good job later on I learnt how to deal with my hair and skin.  Nowadays I make sure I buy cards for my children as I know what it's like to feel left out and I love seeing there faces when they get a card, they make out that they don't like it and get all embarrassed but I know and can tell they secretly love it.

Happy valentines day all

Laura. X

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