Sunday, 5 February 2017

Why I changed my blog name

Ok so a few have asked ok your still blogging but why have you changed the name from Liberty Loves Makeup to Alexa's Attic.  So Liberty is my daughters name so I felt that it was a fitting tribute to her that I named my blog after her plus the makeup side comes from my obvious love of makeup.  My only gripe in the name was if I was writing about skincare or hair it didn't reflect well in the title. I felt that this restricted a bit what I talked about and I didn't want to just be stuck talking about those things.  I do love them but want to be able to chat about allsorts.

So where did Alexa's Attic come from actually it was really easy and simple choice Alexa being my middle name and the Attic because I thought, in an attic you store all sorts of things and sometimes popping up in a attic it can be a bit like a treasure trove, so this was a good fit for me as I will be able to talk and chat about everything and won't feel that I am restricted to just certain things.  Don't get me wrong makeup skincare and hair are still going to feature really highly on the blog but there will be holiday stuff travel kids and all sorts so I hope that you will like it and follow my journeys with me.

Thanks for reading my post

Laura x