Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin*

Hey guys hope your all ok, today I'm letting you know how I've got on with a skincare product that I was kindly sent, and knowing my love for skincare and how important it is to look after your skin I was certainly going to give this a try.
So first of all Vitamin C is so good for the skin and the reason for that is it improves your skin by making it look firmer and younger looking.  It helps stop ageing and wrinkling and basically hello science lesson but helps neutralise free radicals and help form a barrier against things that sometimes we forget about such as sun damage, pollution and oxygen that literally zap the skin from good things. Vitamin C is extremely vital to the skin and so important to put into your daily routine.

So what is Astaxanthin, it's actually a powerful antioxidant which has been proven in all sorts of trials to increase skin moisture, elasticity and decrease fine lines and wrinkles, it's a keto-carotenoid and belongs to a chemical compound known as terpenes and is pink in colour, as I've mentioned it's extremely powerful in skincare.
What I had was a 30ml bottle of product with a handy little dropper to place the product in your palm, to use this and how I use it, is to first of all cleanse my face as I normally would then pat my skin dry, I would then press the serum into my face, and then massage in circular motions.  Allow to dry then apply your moisturiser, I use mine in the morning before makeup, letting all the products settle and soak into your skin.  I've been using this for a good few weeks now, I always give it a good couple of weeks just to make sure my skin doesn't break out or react to it.  My skin which is oily to combination didn't react badly to this,
My skin actually feels refreshed and the texture feels really soft and my skin is glowing, I really wouldn't say if this wasn't the case, I am very truthful and love skincare and i was so glad to try this.

This is currently on offer at Proaura


Product sent for consideration of review*

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Lancaster Tan Maximiser

Hey guys had a little bit of an absence as been to Cyprus with my family and I didn't take my phone laptop or any kind of device to connect me to any kind of social media and it was actually really really nice to be away from it.  But I'm back and hello social media and hello new post.  So today I'm writing about a product that you literally cannot or shouldn't not get for your holiday and even you return.

If you like to get a safe tan but prolong it then you literally have to buy the Lancaster Tan Maximiser I cannot find anything close to it equal to it or better.  I buy it every time I go away and sweat if I can't find it.  I don't understand why Lancaster sun products are not as huge as they should be, they should be huge, they are in Europe you can pick them up in most shops or pharmacies but for me I get it in the airport every time I go away.  I bought a 400 ml size (so a large family size) at Bristol Airport and they actually had Lancaster Sun products on offer and if you bought two products a third was free, so hello shopping basket.  I did actually pick up a Clarins 50 SPF for the face and that was amazing for keeping out the nasty rays of the sun on your face.

So Lancaster are typically encased in bright orange packaging which distinguishes them in there range, they are not a cheap brand by a long shot but in this case you really get what you pay for.  Why do I love the tan maximiser and why do I always use it.

The tan maximiser is basically an after sun, so after you have been out in the sun all day or however long you spend out, I shower as normal and then use this aftersun liberally everywhere.  I do this the whole time I'm away and for ten days after I return depending on how much I have left.  This consistency is milky but not runny where it will go everywhere and soaks in well into the skin.  It does have a distinctive smell which I can only describe reminds me of holidays, but that's because I always use it, it's not a horrible scent but not floral or coconuty so don't expect that. The reason I use it is it literally helps my skin rebalance after the sun, as my legs and arm tend to feel dry after sun exposure and this helps soothe the skin and counteract drying.  Not only that it helps deepen your tan and it really does.  Infact when I went into work my colleagues asked me if I had sunbathed using oils and a really low SPF when infact I literally used SPF 30 the whole time I was away and never dipped below that the whole time.  They looked at me amazed as if I was lying when I really wasn't this is what I've used and I didn't tell them, but luckily for you I'm telling you.

Laura x