Monday, 20 November 2017

My baby's week away with school

I'm literally writing this on the weekend before my baby actually goes away, so as you may be reading this my nose will be buried in a tissue waving my baby off on the coach for his week away with the school then I will be heading to work miserable as miserable can be.
The reason I'm writing it now is my anxiety is high today thinking about him going away and it might resonate with other parents if you read this.

So let's get to it first of all my "baby" is not technically a baby he's 9 years old, so not a baby at all, he's just the baby of the family as he's my youngest, he's actually quite a confident little boy who has lots of friends and according to his friends he's just so funny.  So really this is a lot about me as his mother and maybe not as much about his ability to not be with me.

My middle child is nearly 13 years old and when he went on the same school trip at the age my littlest is now I still felt sad my son was going away for the week when he went those years ago,  but I didn't feel like this on him, so why do I feel like this now? possibly because my youngest is quite small so I'm envisaging him pulling his suitcase along to the bus and it being as big as him. I think it might be also as I don't have any family at all that live by me, so the longest he's been away from me is one night and that's when he's stayed at one of his friends so I know that's why I'm going to feel it.

When I look at his itenary to I literally would love to go myself I would love the activities and I would love to see his little face doing them to, but that's selfish I know this is his time and for him to have time away from his family and enjoy himself.   I also can't help thinking hope he's going to shower and clean his teeth but I know realistically he's a very capable little boy as I've packed anti bac wipes in his suitcase (at his request) to wipe over the toilet before he sits on it, as he said it's a strangers toilet not his mums I still laugh at that statement and know he must have some sort of OCD.  But he literally cracks me up he's always been a right fussy kid not with food or anything but with cleanliness or anything.

They I think to myself will be be ok doing the horse riding and the skiing etc and then I answer my own question of course he will, I've never babied them I've always been there in the back ground but always on hand incase he might fall off, I've always cringed as he's ran up the slide 30mph but I e kind of encouraged it as they are only kids for a while. So this is why me writing this makes me realise yes he will be completely fine but maybe as his mum it's hard to let go of my baby out of my sight for a whole week and spend it with his school friends.

I know to that when I pick him up after his week away he will be exhausted he will probably have lost half of his clothes, what clothes he does have in the suitcase will be wet smelly and muddy, I can imagine opening the suitcase and nearly throwing up with the smell of wet mud and boys smell, I will have a very tired ratty boy but one full of memories and memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

And there he is butter wouldn't melt little blonde little monkey,

Laura x