Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Tips when Christmas shopping with a family

Hey guys how amazing is this time of year in my opinion it's the best, the weather in the UK is literally bang on for the Christmas period but I've got a feeling when Christmas arrives all the snow and ice will all be a long gone slushy mess. So if like me you love Christmas here are some of my tips for shopping and on a budget when getting gifts for your friends and family.

As a busy working mum of three I don't get too much free time and therefore trips into all the shops is not as often as it used to be but I do it, I also really like internet shopping, although if your a fan of feeling clothes for quality or swatching a lipstick first before you buy then maybe that won't be your favourite.  But if you know what you want and can order it easily turn internet shopping is great so back to the tips.

1. If you buy a gift set you can split the items and buy either a gift bag or box add tissue into it and add other little items to bulk it up and create a little bespoke gift with lots of thought but you can do it reasonably priced,

2. Sounds simple but when your rushing to get presents and ticking off your list for your children, friends, family always shop around even if your in a store go to others and price match, and if your shopping online also do that as you may find it cheaper else where,

3. Three for Two offers are amazing lots of stores offer these and I generally do this as I'd rather have something left over gift wise as generally I forget someone so I'm not caught short.

4. Shop when the stores advertise there offers, this means advertised you will see department stores may have a 30% off Friday or a weekend of 10% off generally Debenhams, House of Fraser and New Look etc are pretty good for these.

5. Make a list and generally stick to it, I make a list of everything I'm going to buy for my children and friends and family.  I'm not saying I don't add to it, but generally I do my best to not so that I don't stray away and buy things I didn't mean to.

6. If you can don't go panic buying on Christmas Eve as your head will be in a flurry and you may buy things that you know people won't like or use but just buy it to get a present,

7. If you know what your children want get it straight away as if you leave it I guarantee the next time you go to get it they will be sold out.  Yes it's happened to me many a time.

8. If you can't afford it don't get it, little kids would prefer loads of little things that say three expensive things, it's all down to what a child sees and trust me volume matters to little ones.

And last not but not least enjoy yourself, have fun with the wrapping and family time ....